5 Energy Techniques That Help You Bond With Your Twin flame

The following energy exercises will help you ground more effectively, as well as bond you closer to your twin flame.

As you and your twin flame bond more closely on the spiritual and energetic levels, it will be easier for you to reconcile the issues that hold you apart. In addition, your already powerful love will grow exponentially; until it reaches that intensity that you long for to fulfill you.

Each of the exercises and tools listed below can be done as a standalone or together. The exercises can be performed in person with your twin flame or as a meditation if you are estranged or have not yet met your twin flame.

Performing this exercise and calling your future twin flame to help balance and ground you can also help draw them closer to you physically, so that you reduce the time in which you actually meet.

Twin Flame Energy Exercises

The Infinity Loop of Prayer

When you are ready to begin whichever energy tool you’re working with, move into position, either physically or in your visualization.

Stand in front of your twin flame and grab their opposite hands, so you’re holding right to left, left to right, with your arms crossed at the center. Your arms should form an infinity loop made of both your bodies.

Now place your palms flat against each other’s hands and take a step towards each other, bringing your hands into a praying position between you. Each pair of praying hands will be made up of one of each partner’s hands, and you’ll be standing close to each other so that the knife edges of your hands bump up against each other and your heart center – the way it normally would when you pray.

Twin flame energy techniques for grounding and bonding

If you’d like, you can add an orientation statement that you say to each other here, something like:

‘I am your twin flame. I accept you as my twin flame, my partner and my equal. I choose to love you and be present with you. I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you, please forgive me. I am your equal.’

Balancing Tool

One of the key hallmarks of twin flames is that energy work done on one of you will often push the other out of sync, because the duality exists within the relationship and not solely within you as an individual entity.


In order to counteract this, begin balancing key energies across your relationships each morning, especially in terms of the dualities that you and your twin flame are facing, for example: We balance the energy of commitment equally among us.

You can list as many energies as you want: health, exercise, commitment, money flow, workflow, dedication, creativity, focus, discipline – any characteristic that either of you wants to work on can be included.

Once you’ve listed the energies, imagine a point of light that begins at the crossover point of your infinity loop and travels the circuit three times to seal the balance of energies and distribute them evenly among you.

Grounding Tool

Grounding will keep you more practically focused and will make it easier for you to cope day-to-day with what is going on in your human life.

groundedOnce you’re established in your infinity prayer loop, see a thick rope-like cord extending from each of your perineum or second chakra, or both places if you need extra grounding.

These cords, along with ropes or roots that grow out of your feet, will travel down into the center of the earth, anchoring themselves in the very core of the planet.

If you feel unsure of your grounding or are battling to stay grounded, then pin the cords down with feathers – use three feathers for an unbreakable seal. Pin all the cords together in the same place to help anchor you and your twin flame down for practical functionality, as well as making you both feel more secure in your relationship with each other.

Increase Spiritual Awareness

Once you’ve grounded yourself, call down an interdimensional cone of light for divine axis alignment and clearing.

See a cone-shaped ray of light shining down from above, covering the crown chakras on both of your heads. If you have any specific issues you need guidance on or help with, then you can ask for specific help. Varying the color of the light will also change the effect the cone has on your system, so experiment with different colors.

Bonding & Masculine/Feminine Split Reconciliation Double Helix Tool

If you would like to bond more closely with your twin flame or are working with dualities you need to actively reconcile, then see a silver cord running from the feather pin of your grounding cord up to a distance above you. See a similar cord in your partner.

alchemical-hands-together-male-femaleNow step towards each other and embrace and see the two cords twist around each other to become a double helix, like a DNA strand. Anchor the grounded end of the double helix in the core of the earth using a feather.

In order to balance male/female energies in the relationship, see first a sun at the top point of the double helix, and then a moon. Keep the helix twirling and twisting. If it helps, see you and your flame in sexual union.

If you’d only like to enhance male energies, then only use the sun, and if you’d only like to enhance female energies, then only use the moon. The sun will energize you and make you louder and prouder, while the moon will calm and balance you. You can also use stars, planets and crystals at the top point of the helix for different effects.


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