5 Fascinating Stories Of People Experiencing Inter-Dimensional Travel

The concept of parallel universes has been around for several decades. Since then it has captured the imaginations of philosophers, scientists and even laypersons. Are there other dimensions just past tiny folds in space/time right under our noses? Are the people we see on the street really people from our world, or inter-dimensional travelers?

For now, the truth of the matter lies in some unproven hypotheses in Quantum physics. We have to content ourselves with the bizarre stories of people who claim to have passed through holes in space/time somehow and traveled to worlds that we can’t imagine. Here are five creepy tales to tide us over until the truth is known.

Mystery Man From ‘Taured’

It was a lovely Tokyo day in 1954 when a normal looking man on a normal looking flight landed at the Tokyo International Airport. However, when he handed over his passport to officials, this seemingly normal trip took on an odd twist. His document looked authentic, but it listed a country that didn’t exist, called ‘Taured.’Andorra_Map

The suddenly mysterious man was asked to point out his country on a map, and he pointed to Andorra (located between France and Spain), but insisted that he’d never heard of it. Further, he claimed that his home nation of Taured had enjoyed 1000 years of independence.

Supposedly, he was on a business trip, and his passport confirmed several authentic stamps from previous travel, he carried legal currency and had a driver’s license issued from his otherworldly nation.

After interrogation, the mystery man was sent to a hotel while the officials deliberated how they would handle this situation.

Two officials from Japan’s immigration department stood guard outside the door. However, when morning came around, the man had disappeared, which was impossible considering that the hotel room was 15 stories up above a busy street. An extensive search by the Tokyo police came up with nothing. Perhaps the man found a way back to his home nation in his parallel Earth.

Travel To A Parallel Dimension Where The Beatles Didn’t Break Up

Many people still lament the break up of the most well known pop band of all time, and the untimely deaths of John Lennon and George Harrison. However, according to one man, the group is still alive and well and recording music…in an alternate dimension.cassette

The man, writing under the pseudonym ‘James Richards,’ was chasing his dog through Del Puerto Canyon, CA one fall day in September of 2009 when he tripped and was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he was in a room he didn’t recognize with a man who introduced himself as ‘Jonas.’

Apparently, Jonas was on a business trip from in inter-dimensional travel agency, and had used a strange machine to transport Richards to a parallel Earth.

Naturally, James was confused and asked a lot of questions. At one point in the discussion, the two men started comparing pop culture and found that The Beatles had been stars in both worlds. However, in Jonas’ world, the band was still alive and creating music. For evidence of his journey, Richards brought back a cassette tape purportedly recently recorded by the band in the parallel dimension. The album is entitled ‘Everyday Chemistry,’ and luckily for us, Richards has uploaded it to his website. Enjoy, fans!

Woman Stuck In A Parallel World And Can’t Return

In the summer of 2008, Lerina Garcia (‘Luz’), a well educated 41-year-old, woke up on an ordinary day. At least, it seemed like an ordinary day, until she began to uncover some little details that didn’t fit while undergoing her normal routine. Her sheets and clothes were different from what she had worn when she fell asleep, and when she went to work, she found that she was employed in a different department under a different supervisor. Understandably, she went home, explaining that she wasn’t feeling well.parallel universes

Upon returning home, she found a former boyfriend waiting for her. She had broken up with him six months prior, but he had no recollection of this. Further, her new boyfriend of four months was nowhere to be found. She hired a private detective to find evidence of his whereabouts, but he had seemingly vanished without a trace.

Was Luz a victim of a neurological malady? No one can say for sure. However, her account sounds like it was written by a reasonable person, perhaps with a morbid sense of humor. Unfortunately for her, she is stuck in our world, unable to get back, and unable to break up with her ex-boyfriend.

The Montauk Project

The Montauk Project was a top secret government experiment with the expressed purpose of making ships invisible to radar detection. The experiment, conducted in 1943 Long Island, supposedly ‘disappeared’ the USS Eldridge, which was docked in Philadelphia. Also going by the name ‘The Philadelphia Experiment,’ ship was apparently projected into a parallel dimension, eventually reappearing off the coast of Norfolk, VA.montauk2

Bizarre stories of crew members going insane, dying, traveling back in time, being frozen in time for months, and even getting stuck between bulkheads or in floors of the ship caused funding to be pulled.

However, a select cadre of military officials and scientists were fascinated by the possibilities of inter-dimensional travel, teleportation, and psychic abilities, that the Montauk Project continued into the 60’s an 70’s.

According to the theories of Dr. John von Neumann, head of the project, humans are born with a reference point in time that is linked to Earth’s electromagnetic field. A dramatic inter-dimensional jump, therefore, was so detrimental due to the differences in the parallel Earth’s electromagnetic field.

He purportedly fixed this issue by creating computer-simulated parallel worlds that were able to alter the body’s inner time reference point. It was this was that people were successfully transported to other worlds without drastic consequences. However, when Congress got wind of the project, funding was halted over fears of mass mind control and chaos.

The Markawasi Stone Forest

Located high in the Peruvian Andes lies the Markawasi stone forest, boasting naturally formed sculptures that take the forms of preternatural human faces. The real mystery, though, is the possibility that a dimensional door exists among the stones.markawasi_ufo

Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, a paranormal investigator from Lima, tells the story of a patient who came to him about her case of Hemiplegia (which is loss of motor function over half the body). She revealed that while camping in the stone forest one evening, she and her friends went out exploring and came across a stone cabin which was lit by torches.

Strangely, the structure was filled with people dancing in 17th-century clothing. She was attracted to the idea of further investigation, but her frightened friends managed to pull her away. However, she had entered the cabin halfway, and now that side of her body was paralyzed.

Centeno never found a medical cause for the paralysis, but believes that the woman’s nervous system was disrupted by a dimensional shift over that half of her body. Many natives and scholars believe the strange tales of doorways to other worlds in the stone forest, which the woman and her friends may have crossed accidentally.


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