10 of The Most Fascinating Mysteries That Science Still Can’t Answer

There a variety of wonders and unsolved mysteries in the world that leaves science grasping at straws trying to explain the un-explainable. Even studying and investigating these mysteries multiple times, they still remain the most interesting and eerie misunderstandings this world has to offer.

1. The Nazca Lines


The Nazca lines have been eluding science for years. First spotted in 1553, these zoomorphic designs, geometric/human figures have no real specific reasoning. The lines can be found in the Nazca dessert in Peru with some that span 270m worth of surface.

2. Mummies Mysterious Habits


German scientists that were examining Egyptian mummies in 1992 found remnants of cocaine, tobacco, and hashish in their skin, bones, and hair. The problem with this picture is that none of these things were not found in the ancient world at this time or in the area even. How could they obtain such things if they didn’t even exist yet?

3.Twin Sisters Reincarnated


The sisters Jacqueline and Joanna Pollock were unfortunately killed in a car accident in 1957. Just a year later, Mrs. Pollock had given birth to twins who were then named Jennifer and Gillian. Jennifer had the same birthmarks as Jacqueline surprisingly and the two girls even asked if they could have the toys of the two girls that died in which they had no prior knowledge of. Then later asking to visit a park they hadn’t ever been to, compared to their previous lives that they had been before. How is this possible?

4. Tomatoes With Genes?


This weird truth of tomatoes will send you howling to your friends to see if they knew this. Tomatoes contain 31,760 genes which is actually 7,000 more than humans have. This has compelled scientists for quite some time.

5.The WOW! Signal

Wow! Big Ear never heard it again

Astronomer, Jerry Ehman, in 1977 had made this remarkable discovery of contact from the worlds outside of our own. Ohio State University’s radio telescope is able to hear and translate signals that may be wandering space.

The sequence in which Jerry had circled was a perfect bell curve with an intense signal strength which is considered to be a strong radio transmission from aliens. The telescope was pointed at dark empty space and was never replicated again afterwards. This has left all of earth guessing for years.

6. Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is still one of the most baffling tricks of the mind no one has yet to explain in the world of medical science. Giving a patient some sort of medication or treatment that has no real effects other than the patient believing that it’s working. The medication has no benefits at all, the pain relieving is all done by the patients brain in thinking it’s been medicated somehow.

7. The Infamous “BLOOP”

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2007 had come across a very powerful sound that formed underwater.

This sound was pretty similar to marine life, according to the analysis of the frequency that it produced. However, the strange part about this is that the sound was much much louder than a whale or any other animal that can create sound in the ocean. Till this day we still have no idea what caused the massive sound burst.

8. Costa Rica’s Giant Stone Balls Problem


These stone balls found in Costa Rica are just as un-explainable as the Stonehenge itself. They are perfectly round and range from very small up to 8 feet in length. They also seem to be very smooth and scattered across several villages/hills. They are believed to be of religious value or some kind of astronomical relevance.

9. Baigong Pipes

The Baigong Pipes

This massive wall of what seems to be pipes can be found in Mount Baigong, China. They consist of 30% silicon dioxide and iron, buried within an ancient rock cave that is believed to be centuries old. They range from being toothpick sized to being extremely large in size. No one knows how these formed or how they even came to be apart of this Mountain.

10. Voynich Manuscript


This mysterious manuscript has been carbon dated by the University of Arizona, which we were able to find that it was created around 1404-1438.

It contains 170,000 characters within its 246 pages with an unreadable language, leaving many experts stumped and unsure. It is believed that the manuscript was a journal of medicine or alchemy of some kind.


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