Extraterrestrial Implants Investigated By Several High End Laboratories

John Mack, a Harvard professor, psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize recipient once stated that:

“Yes, it’s both. It’s both literally, physically happening to a degree; and it’s also some kind of psychological, spiritual experience occurring and originating perhaps in another dimension. And so the phenomenon stretches us, or it asks us to stretch to open to realities that are not simply the literal physical world, but to extend to the possibility that there are other unseen realities from which our consciousness, our, if you will, learning processes over the past several hundred years have closed us off.” (source)


He is not the only psychiatrist to do so, there are many. Another great example is retired McGill university professor (of 40 years), Dr. Don Donderi, who said that:

“Some of what people report as UFOs are extraterrestrial (ET) vehicles. Some of those extraterrestrial vehicles actually have et crews, and some of those ET crews catch and release humans.”  (source)

If we are talking about the academic world, there is no shortage of statements. In fact, there could be hundreds, here are two of many examples:

“Intelligent beings from other star systems have been and are visiting our planet Earth. They are variously referred to as Visitors, Others, Star People, Et’s, etc…They are visiting Earth now; this is not a matter of conjecture or wistful thinking. – Theodor C. Loder III, Phd, Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, University of New Hampshire (source)


“There is another way whether it’s wormholes or warping space, there’s got to be a way to generate energy so that you can pull it out of the vacuum, and the fact that they’re here shows us that they found a way.” (source– Jack Kasher, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus of physics, University of Nebraska.

These statements don’t even include the hundreds made from high ranking military and political n from all over the world.

I chose to emphasize the ‘academic’ world because the topic of UFOs and the extraterrestrial hypothesis has and is entering into the mainstream.

It is no longer a ‘fringe’ topic, and this is an important step because as we move through 2016 and beyond, more and more people will become aware that there is something going on here, that we are not alone, and that intelligent extraterrestrial beings have been visiting us for a very long time, and one aspect of this phenomenon are abductions.

Another reason I put those quotes above, is because the video below is also of what the mainstream considers to be an ‘academic.’ I just want to emphasize that these are no ‘crack’ pot people…This is a very real phenomena that deserves our serious attention.prehistoric_alien_world__by_maspix-d34eiik

There seem to be a wide range of experiences, ‘contactees’ are usually those who have reported ‘friendly’ contact experiences with extraterrestrials, ‘abductees’ are those who have had what they perceive to be fearful experiences, and experiencers are those who neither view the experience as ‘good’ or ‘bad,” but simply just an experience.

It’s important to note this, because various people have reported different types of experiences with different types of beings.

Abductions, according to some, are done by the military. But who really knows?

Below is a clip of Dr. Roger Leir. a doctor of podiatric medicine, and arguably the best known individual when it comes to removing supposed extraterrestrial implants. He has performed more than a dozen surgeries, having removed sixteen separate distinct objects. These objects have been investigated by several prestigious laboratories, including Los Alamos National Laboratories, New Mexico Tech, and many others. He passed away in March 2014, but his legacy lives on.


He also spoke at the National Press Club in 2009, you can view that video here.

Throughout the years he described what he found in his work, the various implants that he found in people. Perhaps one of the most fascinating facts was that these objects were magnetic in nature

This clip comes from the Citizens Hearing On Disclosure

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