This Powerful Video Uses The Superstring Theory To Explain How We Are All One

In this powerful video, John Hagelin – Ph.D in Superstring Unifield Field Theory – explains how we are all one. We create our own reality on an individual level, but at the fundamental level our consciousness is the same.

The deepest levels of physics are converging together with what Buddhism and esoteric branches of the other religions has been telling us for a long time – We’re all just consciousness. Consciousness is everything.

“I said, You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you”
Psalm 82:6


As the wave on the ocean is both the wave and the ocean – both distinguishable and inseparable – so are you both God (consciousness) and a human being.

How would it affect your actions if you not only believed, but also deeply understood that you and I are ultimately one and the same?

This merger of science and spirituality has the power to change the world.




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