6 Forces Of Nature That Will Effect The Way You Dream

Dreams are a very interesting state of mind once we close our eyes and become lost to the world of sleep. However, did you know that there are six forces of nature that can drastically effect the way that you dream?

1. Your Sense Of Smell And Sounds

sleepingbrainWhen there is a certain kind of smell or sound that’s happening to us while we are sleeping, our brains like to interpret those senses into the dreams you’re having.

For example, a study that was conducted on people who were sleeping played music for one group and none for the others.

The ones who had heard music claimed to have hearing it in their dreams compared to the ones who didn’t. The same thing can be said for smell.

2. Cheese For Your Dreams6de90225791b2279-686-CheeseDreams

That’s right, even cheese can effect your dreams!

A certain kind of amino acid called tryptophan can actually normalize your sleep and even helps reduce stress levels.

In a study conducted in 2005 by the British Cheese Board, they had discovered that people who would eat cheddar before bed had dreams of celebrities and those who ate blue cheese had experienced a variety of bizarre dreams.

3. Watching Anything Black And White Makes You Dream Black And White

black-and-white-tipsIt’s true! The cartoons that you watched as a kid have a very profound impact on the way you visualize color in your dreams.

Eva Murzyn, a psychology student of University of Dundee within the year 2008, could show that people who were the age of 55 and over, 20% of them described their dreams with lack of color.

Then in other studies that concerned people of the 1960’s said that 83% of people started dreaming in color.

4. Earth’s Magnetic FieldEarth-Magnetic-Field-copy

There is a distinct possibility that the Earth’s magnetic field could have a significant effect on our dreams.

The Psychologist Darren Lipnicki had recorded his dreams for over eight years and managed to conclude his results that when in lower geomagnetic activity he experienced weirder dreams and when the geomagnetic activity was high he claimed his dreams to be more sensible or normal.

5. Nightmares Are Contagious

An interesting study that was conducted on 2700 identical twins and 4200 non-identical managed to summon some of the most interesting results. Scientists were able to find that identical twins were twice more likely to have a trait that enables to have frequent nightmares as fraternal twins. This means when one of them is having a nightmare the other is feeling in the same intensity.

6. Sleep On Your Belly And See What Happens

sleep-naked-minBy this I mean that if you sleep on your belly, you may be more likely to have erotic dreams.

The reason behind this is that people who sleep on their bellies often feel a shortness of breath.

So in their dreams they believe they may be having some form of wild sex.

Hopefully this will aid you in your adventures of sleep and dreaming!

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