This Fascinating Study Shows How Our Brains Can Manipulate The Matter Around Us

As we dive deeper into the curiosity that is our minds, we are finding out new information about our fullest potential everyday. Our studies have come so far that we are now able to see what happens when a group of people who are under certain circumstances that allow their brains to produce an extreme amount of energy can actually influence the physical world around them.

Branding-Box-MindThis kind of situation has been reported over more than 800 different kinds of relevant experiments  that have influenced matter with the power of our minds.

Within the peer-reviewed Journal of Scientific Exploration a study had been published that shows REGs are able to produce anomalous outputs when presented in a variety of group environments.

To give you an idea as to what this means, REGs are used in computer technology to randomly generate ones and zeroes in sequences which can then be printed out on a graph. If the graph indicates that an equal amount of ones and zeros then there should be a flat line on the graph and if there were to be any sort of deviation then the graph would show a certain curve or spike indicating a disruption in one of the sequences of numbers.

“High degrees of attention, intellectual cohesiveness, shared emotion, or other coherent qualities of the groups tend to correlate with statistically unusual deviations from theoretical expectation in the FieldREG sequences.

If sustained over more extensive experiments, such effects could add credence to the concept of a consciousness “field” as an agency for creating order in random physical processes.” The study reports.

We have seen this kind of experience happen with presidential elections, international court cases, and a variety of other events that have involved mass trauma, panic, excitement, or anxiety that was present among a really big population of people.


A study that was conducted in Princeton University describes the manipulation of electricity just by our thoughts alone. 

Perhaps most consequential is the possibility that the concept of a consciousness “field,” heretofore postulated in various abstract forms by scholars of many disciplines, may now be on the threshold of rigorous scientific demonstration as a driver of physical reality.” 

In conclusion of all of this, essentially, our consciousness and our brains are two very different things yet are connected in more ways than one.

Dean Radin helps explain the Global Consciousness Project that can give you a better idea as to what all of this means.


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