6 Interesting & Unexpected Benefits of Swearing

So it turns out that there is scientific evidence proving what the most, ahem, ‘creative linguists’ among us have intuited all along: Cursing is good for your health! Listed below are six points revealed by researchers on the subject.

1. Increase Your Intelligence!

human-brain-artwork-andrzej-wojcickiPerhaps this is a bit of a hyperbole, however, science has dispelled the myth that cursing is just a replacement for poor vocabulary.

Turns out that mom and dad were always wrong about swearing making us look stupid!

What’s more is that this article by Time suggests that those who add a little ‘color’ to their speech actually have a larger vocabulary and higher emotional intelligence, thus making them smarter over all.

2. Decrease Your Stress Level!0470eca9857ed6b9dc6c22c0_640_relaxing

It seems like we’re always rushing, rushing around in today’s world. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other: kids, work, life. It seems to never end.

With this is in mind, we need a healthy outlet. Well, a recent study published in Biological Psychology, displays of anger may lessen the release of cortisol (a hormone released by the brain when under stress), which in high amounts has been related to heart disease, bone loss and obesity.

So go ahead and let it all hang out. Don’t you feel so much better afterwards?

3. Increase Your Confidence!

While we would never advocate cursing at a superior, studies have shown that the occasional swear word can help us feel more in control of situations that we feel are out of hand. Richard Stevens, a researcher from Keele University, cursing can help to increase adrenaline, which makes us feel aggression. While this is not always good, adrenaline-induced aggression does actually make us feel stronger and more powerful. In essence, your confidence is increased.

4. Decrease Your Pain!

2011-swearing-cursing-helpfulStevens strikes again on this point.  “As we looked into swearing further, it became apparent that it’s actually emotional language, and can make you feel better in certain situations,” he said.

“If you’re waiting for an ambulance and have no drugs, cursing can actually reduce the feeling of pain.”

So while it may not actually help in healing the leg you’ve broken, cursing the ladder you fell off may at least help you feel less pain.

5. Increase Your Attractiveness!

swearing-at-workPerhaps this isn’t so scientific, but to hell with it: people who curse are just hotter.

Maybe this is more of a general ‘life benefit’ than a health benefit, but anecdotal evidence suggests that swearing with tact can be a turn-on, to both men and women.

So don’t approach that hottie in the bar with a dirty mouth, necessarily. But that hottie you know really well and have an established relationship with? Go for it!

6. You Will Feel More Camaraderie With Friends and Family!

One author found that cursing in front of others showed that you were “comfortable enough in their company to be yourself and feel relaxed. By cursing in front of other people, you send them the signal that you’re open, honest and easy going.”

Maybe this is why cursing at the referees among an audience of your peers makes you all feel like you’re in it together! However, use caution. As in the point above, this is really for when you’re simpatico with your cohorts.

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