Scientists Are Studying This Brilliant 5-Year-Old Savant For His Telepathic Abilities

Ramses Sanguino, five-year-old son to his mother Nyx Sanguino, has demonstrated some of the most baffling abilities this world has ever seen in existence. The child is able to telepathically read his mothers mind and can read the numbers she writes down in secret.

High hopes: Ms Sanguino (pictured with Ramses) hopes her son may one day change the world. 'I really hope one day that Ramses will invent a cure for cancer or something great like that,' said the mother

Not only does he posses telepathic powers, but already knows seven different languages and is an expert at solving incredibly difficult mathematical equations. The only reasoning behind his capabilities is that Ramses is diagnosed with a “high functioning” form of autism. Scientists immediately became fascinated by how remarkable this child presents himself.Homeschooled: Ms Sanguino's main concern is helping to find a specialist school for Ramses (pictured in a book shop aged 18 months), whom Dr Powell describes as 'one of the smartest five year olds on the planet'

Nyx Sanguino began posting various videos of Ramses to show anyone who was willing to watch just how gifted her son really is. Her videos capture the attention of Dr. Diane Powell, a respected neuroscientist and former faculty member at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Powell believes that this kind of telepathy may represent an alternative way of communicating between autistic kids and their parents. In other words, a way for the kids to express themselves the best way that they can.

Studious: Ramses in a book shop as a toddler

Younger years: Ms Sanguino says her son can understand and recite parts of several languages including Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Japanese. Above, Ramses is pictured reading on a sofa at his home as a baby

Dr. Powell’s expertise from John Hopkins University, as well as running her own private practice in Medford, Oregon, has brought Ramses to her cutting-edge research project of telepathy in order to understand the child in a whole new perspective.Complex work: Ramses can apparently already solve complex mathematical equations, like this one, above

“If you think about it, if you have your primary language compromised then that would be a perfect setup for telepathy. I have found many autistic children who have been reported to be telepathic and I wanted to see it for myself and see if it can be evaluated and actually tested under rigorous, controlled conditions.” States Powell, in regards to her already studying signs of telepathy in seven different individuals.Autistic: Dr Powell believes that telepathy may represent an alternative method of communication between autistic children and their parents. Above, Ramses is pictured reading a book at his home at the age of two

“I am as confident that telepathy exists as I am a lot of things that have actually been accepted by science. I would never say 100 per cent about anything – but I have seen evidence. In terms of other scientists, they don’t usually believe in telepathy.  But I have met privately with many people who have said they would never publicly state that they believe in telepathy but tell me that they have actually experienced it or witnessed it themselves. Dr Powell used a random-number generator to pick numbers for Ms Sanguino to write down and think about. Above, Ramses beams as he runs down the street

Many of them say the reason they don’t come forward and say anything is that they are actually afraid that they would be ridiculed or possibly even lose their job. It’s very risky to one’s credibility to take on a subject like this – but I knew that when I got into it.” states Dr. Powell in regards to telepathy.

Telepathic? In the footage, the youngster (pictured), who has a 'high functioning' form of autism, correctly recounts the numbers and suits of playing cards, as well as individual numbers written down 'out of sight'

Ramses’s mom hopes that Dr. Powell will be able to eventually give her answers about her sons mysterious abilities. 

“I was amazed when we began testing Ramses. We do have a very close bond which may have something to do with his abilities – but this is beyond anything I would have imagined.” Claims Nyx Sanguino.

Study: Dr Powell (pictured, left, with Ramses and his mother), a neuroscientist who runs a private practice in Medford, Oregon, is now studying the youngster as part a cutting-edge research project into telepathy

Passion for books: Ms Sanguino, 32, later posted the videos of Ramses (pictured in a book shop) on the Internet, where they caught the eye of Dr Diane Powell, a former faculty member at Harvard Medical School

She also describes how Ramses is able to recite seven different languages and fully understand what he’s saying. He is able to read and write Greek, Arabic, Japanese, and Hebrew. In addition, Ramses can complete rudimentary algebra problems. He can demonstrate his knowledge of square roots and can draw the entire periodic table in one sitting. Dr. Powell has described Ramses as one of the smartest fiver-year-old’s on the planet.

So smart in fact that Ramses was unable to attend his school anymore from correcting his teach on her various errors of their daily routine such as spelling and math.

'Mind reader': Ramses Sanguino (pictured with his mother, Nyx Sanguino) - who is already learning seven languages - was filmed seemingly demonstrating telepathy at his family home in Los Angeles, California

“I put him into a school but it was a nightmare. He was the only child who could read in the class.  The teacher liked him at first and called him the little professor. But soon Ramses started correcting her on some of her spelling and maths and the teacher began isolating him from other students. I had to take him out of the school and back home with me.  He was too far ahead to learn anything there. He is different and people cannot understand the way he thinks.

He is obsessed with numbers and will count everything, houses, books, letters, and he won’t move on until he has counted them all.” States Ms Sanguino, who even fears that Ramses might end up lonely from his extensive knowledge. Her and Dr. Powell wish to expand his horizons and put him in a school for special students so that they can help Ramses utilize his fullest potential.

“I really hope one day that Ramses will invent a cure for cancer or something great like that. He is so smart that sometimes he scares me. I really want him to have the best education in the world and be happy.” Claims the optimistic mother.

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