6 Uplifting Affirmations To Practice Daily

Speaking and thinking affirmations every day can help you to get through the hard parts of life. There are a lot of affirmations out there that are recommended, however, they may not all work for everyone.

That goes for this list too. These are six affirmations that really work for us. You can use these, or you can take someone else’s recommendation, or you can think of some yourself! What’s important is that you truly believe the words that you are speaking.

1. Thank You, I Have Everything I Need.


While it’s important to try not to compare yourself with others as far as your goals in life go (their achievements are their own), the contrary is true when observing those who may have less.

When you’re thinking that you don’t have everything you need in life, step back and really take stock.

Are you lacking in food, water, or shelter? If you’re reading this, you’re probably not. However so many people are lacking in the basic necessities of life. They are extreme examples, but it’s important to be aware that they exist, particularly when you’re feeling a lack of abundance.

2. I Am Beautiful And Unique.

It can be difficult to acknowledge our own attractiveness. While we’re not necessarily talking about physical beauty, it is important to feel confident in your skin, as well as recognizing your inner beauty. What’s is more the fact that you are an individual with your own unique DNA. No one in the entire universe is, or will ever be, YOU! This alone makes you extraordinary.

3. Human Nature is Good. There is Love in This World.tippi-africa-14

It’s common for media to show all the negativity in the world. It’s this shock value that makes people come back to consume more from those outlets. It’s a game to make money. Look around you.

You are surrounded by loved ones, even if you don’t have a ‘family’ or ‘significant other’ around. You have neighbors, and you all have signed this social contract to exist in proximity with one another without worry for your safety.

When bad things happen, the tendency is for people to help one another get through. This is love. When you think that the world is bad and things are awful, look around. You may not like your neighbors, but you may love them enough to help them in the event, say, of a natural disaster. It’s in our nature.

4. I Have Overcome Many Hurdles, and Accomplished Much.

regretsSometimes we are under pressure to ‘do.’ This isn’t always coming from the top-down, either. Many times it’s us who put pressure on ourselves to get things done or get where we think we need to go in life.

Well, it is now and here we are. We’ve obviously all accomplished a lot to get here. It’s an accomplishment to get out of bed every day and take care of ourselves!

This is basic. What you actually accomplish every minute, every hour is quite complex, even if you’ve normalized it because it’s just the everyday. When you do something that you’re really proud of or cross a bridge that was very difficult to get over, pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!

5. I’ve Experienced Amazing Things in Life.

This is like the previous entry. When you feel that life is dull, take stock of the beauty that surrounds you. The most normal and everyday things in life are extraordinary!


The truth is that we don’t even know how creation exists in the first place, and astronomers send back photos from giant space telescopes every day that truly outline the inherent beauty of our universe.

The fact that we exist at all is simply amazing. The things you do in life that make you feel wonderful, from the hour of Yoga you just did to the life-changing trip you once took, are all experiences that are completely opposite of ordinary.

6. Good Times Are Here, and They Are Here To Stay!

This is perhaps the most important. Life is too short and too beautiful to stay down for long. We can’t be happy and effective if we’re depressed about the little things.

And let’s be honest, when you step back, our down moments are often about things that are trivial. Sadness happens, and death happens, but they are part of life. It’s in the design, and it is all wonderful because it’s life and we’ve beaten all the odds to get here in the first place!


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