How to Use Synchronicity to Become a Conscious Creator

The great thing about synchronicity is that it is never about whether you believe in it or not. It is an experience and once you have experienced these events, you understand this to be a real functioning level of intelligence that you are creating. A sign from the ‘matrix’ that you are on the right path. Are you experiencing synchronicity?

Synchronicity, a term coined by Carl Jung is known as a ‘meaningful coincidence’ that takes place in our everyday life and characterized by a phenomenal event that occurs that is out of the ordinary spectrum of reality.

For example, you may be thinking about someone and immediately you see a sign or symbol of this thought that can be perceived in your physical reality. Whether it be a vehicle, a license plate, a photo, a phone call, or the actual person.

This cognitive thought process manifesting into reality, is known as the law of attraction. However, the biggest thing we are missing here is this: There are no meaningful coincidences or happenstances and what we are seeing is the return of our own creative manifestation of thought, directly affecting our physical reality.

Why is this happening?

Over the past decade we have seen the amount of spiritual awakenings explode through the population and 2012 set the tone for this surge in consciousness. galactic alignment

Yet, in 2012 we were led to believe that what was happening at the end of the long count was a planetary alignment. However anyone who understands astrology could clearly see that what was truly happening was a galactic alignment; one of the uttermost importance.

This because it signified the time, when we as humanity would be brought out of the ‘dark ages’, and into the golden age of light once more. Remembering our true nature and our true existence as conscious creators. There are those who are aware of what is happening, but the masses have been purposefully blindfolded from truth. Yet, when we can study these things on our own we can begin to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

Astro-theology and astronomy is known as the ‘holy science’ and has been practiced in small pockets of earths culture for a millennium. Many have been persecuted for teaching this science, as it is the true science of Hermetic s, and the law of nature itself.

At the turn of the century and due to technological advancement, many scientists are now leaning towards this natural science and what we are finding is that more and more are agreeing with the philosophy, that we exist in a binary with Sirius (another sun).

Why is this important? binary

It is thought that as these suns pull away from each other, we fall into what is known as the “dark ages” of humanity. Each of these dark ages lasts for a period of 2000 years, known as the iron age, the bronze age and the silver age and as these two suns draw nearer, the golden age begins and lasts for thousands of years.

In 2012, we reached this galactic alignment signifying that the golden age is in fact upon us. According to Walter Cruttenden, the end of the long count that was estimated to be between 24,000 and 25,920 years marks the time when our Sun and Sirius begin speeding up as they near closer and closer to one another in orbit.

Due to this event, we see that humanity is awakening to higher level of consciousness each day and can be viewed by the resistance forming against the oppressive nature of the current oligarchical system as well as thought manifestation, occurring more rapidly than ever before. Essentially, our thoughts become our reality.

On the higher ethereal levels of existence, our thoughts create our reality instantaneously and because as we know the universe is intelligent, we understand that it is our minds that generate our reality and everything else is just an illusion of the senses. sirius

In conclusion, when we can see that our thoughts create our reality we can then understand that these signs or synchronicity, are not coming from the universe through the act of asking and receiving but are being directed by our own minds.

It’s time that we take back our power and understand that we are the creators of our own imaginations. The golden age is upon us! It’s time to create!

by LJ Vanier, Team Spirit!

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