18 Signs That Prove You Are Stronger Than You Think

We tend to give ourselves less credit than we deserve. Always expecting more from ourselves and judging our self-worth by the material possessions that we hold. When in fact, true richness is richness of soul. Happiness comes from freedom and freedom is a gift that you give to yourself.

thoughts dnaThere is subtle strength that lies within us all. A higher consciousness that never gives up and is always seeking for the upheaval from the darkness into the light. A raising of our vibration and the constant forming and reforming of our mind, bringing us back to that in which we ultimately seek.

We are all here together on this wonderful journey and it takes strength and courage to follow this path to freedom.

There will always come times, when we do not remember how strong we truly are and so, here is a simple reminder to shine a little light on the way.

1. You embrace life as a journey

You know that life is an experience and one to be lived to its fullest. Every moment is precious opportunity to learn, grow and evolve. Even through the darkest of times, we know that the light is surely to follow and we hold our strength until the light beams from within us once more.

2.You are aware of your weaknesses

You understand that no one is ‘perfect’, and you don’t dwell on the things that you can’t change about yourself. Instead, you embrace your strengths and nourish your weaknesses as sometimes our greatest weakness, can be our greatest strength.

3.You change what you can change

spiritual journeyYou know that you can’t change the world, but you can change your world and so you work from the inside out; positively affecting anyone who comes into contact with you.

Radiating your light as far as you can, like a candle in wind flickering for all to see as you beam brightly in this world.

4. You’re not afraid of failure

You understand that failure is an opportunity for growth and failure puts us in the prime position to evolve and become wiser.

5. You do things your own way

You know that life’s greatest treasure is to learn and learning in your own unique way. You don’t follow the crowd and you choose to create your own masterpiece.

6. You are vulnerable

You understand that being vulnerable doesn’t mean being weak and you are humble and balanced enough to see this.

7. You don’t hold a grudge

5 Tips to Let Go of Control and Create More HarmonyYou understand that holding a grudge only hurts you. Everyone has their own reasons and everyone has their own perception of life; everyone has their own path to follow.

8. You let people judge you

When you let people judge you it gives you insight into their internal state and puts you in a position to advise them. Also, when judged you are able to find something within yourself that you may not have yet resolved. Everyone is your mirror in life, and just by letting someone else judge you, it gives you great depth of perception.

9. You have patience

You understand that patience doesn’t mean waiting and you continually work hard on your dreams. Just because something isn’t happening for you right now in this very moment that you want to, doesn’t mean that it will never happen.

10. You don’t wait for tomorrow

How to Release Negativity and Restore Your SpiritYou know that the next moment in your life is not more important than this moment now and so you do today what you dream of later and you live today like it was your last.

11. Challenges excite you
We all have to admit that life without challenge would be pretty dull and so you embrace these times as an opportunity to strengthen your abilities.

12. You give love

We’ve all been through hard times, had our hearts broken, dreams fallen apart and watched as everything we had built crumble to the ground and still, we are capable of love. That, is a miracle in itself.

Among st all of the trials and tribulations of life we are still able to give, accept and love with all of our hearts. This capacity of love that we all have is what will bring us into the new era, the golden age of light.

13. You embrace your fears

You understand that fear is a product of a thought-form and treat it as such. Constantly seeking to reorganize your mind in the knowing that the only thing to fear, is fear itself.

14. You stand up for what you believe in

unfulfilledYou are in tune with yourself and trust your heart. When something doesn’t resonate with you, you have the courage to voice it.

15. You speak your mind

You trust yourself and are confident in knowing that your thoughts are just as valid as anyone else.

16. You follow your heart

You know that your heart is your greatest teacher and are wise enough to respect its wishes no matter how far, how wild and how far off the beaten trail it will lead you.

17. You never give up

As the sun rises and falls each day, you too hold the strength and courage to rise, each time you fall.

18. You have the strength to surrender

Are You Afraid of EnlightenmentSounds like a contradiction to 17 right? But..

There will come a day when you have exhausted your heart, risen and fallen many of times and finally when you surrender to yourself, you will know that it was heart that led you to your surrender. Upon this surrender you will find new strength and peace in knowing that you are eternity ;  you are the creator and the created.

Life can be a wonderful journey. We are always learning, evolving and growing with each other– until the end we will stand strong and when we surrender, it will be only to ourselves and in that moment we will find peace.

by LJ Vanier, Team Spirit!

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