How to Ground Yourself When Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed out or anxious ever? It’s pretty common in our society today and more and more people are prescribed medication to try to relieve these symptoms. Whether it be from common social conditions or even due to the massive surge of spiritual awakenings. Knowing how to soothe yourself is essential to re balancing.

Personally, I can’t count the amount of times during mine own spiritual awakening, where people told me I needed to get grounded. After much contemplation, I asked myself “how does one ground themselves?”

While the obvious answer is to implore a root chakra meditation, there are a few other ways to easily ground yourself, that will also leave you feeling great!

1. Get Creative

Painting, drawing, and even colouring are some of the best ways to ground. It gives your mind the creative outlet it needs to unleash that pent-up energy you have flowing through you, with no escape route.

Even if you think you aren’t very good at it or have never done it before, have fun with it. Throw the paint, splash the colour, let it all out! If anything, it will feel good and you might even laugh at yourself.

If these options really don’t suit your fancy, clay and pottery are also very soothing!

2. Restore to Nature

Studies have shown that nature helps to maintain and increase our psychological and mental health, just by getting out and walking through a forested area and breathing in the natural earth, it brings us back to equilibrium.

Nature promotes feelings of happiness and well-being so take advantage and restore yourself.

3. Walk Barefoot

This, I find to be the greatest way to get grounded. As the old saying goes ‘keep your feet on the ground and your eyes in the skies.’

baerefoot woodsWalking barefoot really allows you to take root. Studies have also shown that walking barefoot strengthens the immune system, improves sleep and helps to normalize biological rhythms.

During spiritual awakening, our energies are pulling up and out through our crown chakras and so it is essential to offset this to achieve proper energy flow.

Too much of a good thing can be just that, so run barefoot. I know you’ll love it!

4. Gardening

Another way to get rooted is to plant a garden. The symbolic seeding and planting represents your own energy. The action of seeds taking root, helps to allow your energy to recirculate and flow from the root chakra to the crown.

5. Fill Up on Protein

Protein rich foods sit heavier on the system than light fruits and vegetables. If you feel you are flying too high and are overwhelmed, you can off set this by weighing yourself down. On the opposite end, if you are looking to heighten your energy eat lighter foods or fast.


by LJ Vanier

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