Stopping Loneliness in a Relationship – Remember That You are Your Own True Love

 A relationship is never the answer to your loneliness. Any emptiness, unhappiness, depression, and self-hate you have, is already inside you. People tend to create new relationships not from something they want, but something they miss. They plan dreams, ‘I will be happy when I find someone’.


When they do find someone, and it is fulfilling for three months, maybe a fews year, eventually they might start blaming the other person for their loneliness, depression, self-hate, and their unhappy life.
Or take their light away that they bring to this world, by claiming energy, time, and your personality.
It is their fear, their pain and their depression chasing you; sucking your energy, imprisoning your beautiful free soul. Maybe you do the same because of your emptiness.
No relationship and no other person will bring you happiness or the Love of your life. You are Your own hero, your own lover, your own answer to your prayers, and your own True Love.

Nothing outside of yourself will ever satisfy you.

Today is the day you become your own True Love. Start to love every dark and every light aspect of you. Start to love your own personality, become your own best friend. Take a walk in the forrest. Talk to the spirits. Laugh about a movie in your bed. Start to draw, start to look around you. In Every moment is something sacred.selflove
Start to embrace all you are, and search for your True essence inside yourself. Nothing outside, and no one can ever be your answer. You were your own answer all the time. Stop searching outside, stop trying to claim the time and energy of others. Everyone is a free spirit.
They are only meant to be with you to share and celebrate your true essence together, not be possessed.
True love is loving yourself and doing what you love, and live your life in the mission you were meant for. To take care of yourself. To listen to your inner voice.

You are your True Love

The-Four-Myths-of-Self-CompassionYou will never be lonely when you listen, breath, talk, feel your own spirit. This means:  cry, lose emotional blockages, and start healing. To make changes in your life to start living your true path.
To stop blaming the past, but to live NOW. To feel happy when being alone, because you are flowing, the energy bursts in your heart.
You are passionate, you love every day that you live, and feel everything that you are!
About the Author:
Leda de Zwaan is a writer, speaker, journalist, vocalist and Coach of the New Energy.
She specializes in Add/HSP, twinsoul- and soulmate relationships, Karma cleansing, Regression-therapy, Personalized Meditations, Anti-Aging 5D detox programmes, sustainability, how to live in a healthy home, heart-activations and healing with new energetic tools.
Her website can be found here
Written by Leda de Zwaan
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