5 Transformations That Happen When You Start Loving Your Body

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid with boundless amounts of energy? You would run around a field just for fun, flailing your arms enjoying yourself tremendously, caught up in the simple pleasure of just… being alive!

Free and happyWhat happened to that?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as we get older. Not very often do we see adults running through a field in this manner and if we did it would look pretty out-of-place.. Too bad. There wouldn’t be any shame in it!

Some say, that over time our bodies seem to just get worn down, yet on the contrary, I know both men and women twice my age who are at the peak of physical fitness, leading me to believe that it’s not so much about a ‘physical breakdown’ as it is a mental and emotional one.

When we think that our bodies are old, worn down, and beaten up, then naturally our bodies will appear in the same manner. And when we can change our thinking, love ourselves more and appreciate our bodies, then these five amazing things will happen.

1. Instant Energy Boost

Changing our thinking pattern sets off an immediate chemical reaction in the body; flooding you with what feels like added energy. This is because it is proven that our attitudes about life direct our thinking and our thoughts produce emotions. Quite simply, when you think better, you will feel better!

2. You’ll Crave Nature

Nature has a way of cleansing us, a place of healing, inspiration and energy. Recent studies have even shown that nature distinctly increases feelings of well-being and happiness beyond the emotional connection we feel towards those we interact with socially. As well as it maintains and increases positive mental health! So why wouldn’t you be even more attracted to this?

3. You’ll Start Eating Better

When you are feeling better mentally, you want to feel good physically. Saturated fats and high sugars foods are hard on our systems.

The more active you become the more you start to crave the foods that are light and full of nutrient rich, natural energy that make you feel as good as you think!

4. You’ll Sleep Better

Exercise and healthy eating are a great combo to improve sleep. Studies have shown that a number one cause of insomnia is caused by an out of balance pineal gland.This imbalance can be caused by a wide variety of ailments, such as too much wireless waves, (WIFI) improper diet, and lack of nutrient rich foods. Diet and exercise allow for deep, restful sleep that fuels the body and restores the mind.

5. You’ll Stop Caring About What Other People Think

Everyone knows that true beauty isn’t about makeup, expensive clothes or a fancy hairstyle; true beauty radiates from the inside out. When we feel good, we look good it’s that simple! Sounds easier said than done right? Give it a try, each day take time to change your thoughts about yourself.

adult runningEvery time a negative thought form arises in your mind, replace it with a more positive one. Believe me, it will be difficult at first, but then it becomes second nature and soon, you won’t even have to try at all. You’ll be well on your way to…. running through a field with your arms flailing like a child!

Just by thinking better it sets off a chain reaction in our lives, thinking better leads to eating better, which leads to feeling better, sleeping better and enjoying life more. So love yourself! It all starts with how you think. 

by LJ Vanier

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