17 Important Reasons To Drink Lemon Water First Thing In The Morning

Lemons are very inexpensive and they are wonderful way to dress up the foods you are cooking so that they are delicious. They even are an excellent way to add flavour to what ever it is you are drinking, which is exactly why you may want to consider using this fruit in your water.

The two main types of lemons are Eureka and Lisbon. There are also numerous lemon water benefits that you may find useful by doing this. We have listed 17 of them below.

Assistance with Digestion

Putting lemon in water and then drinking it each morning will give your body a head start when it comes to digestion. Many individuals believe that this will be the healthiest drink you can make for yourself.


You will find that when you consume a warm glass of lemon water each morning you are going to be decreasing indigestion, bloating and even heartburn.

It is important to know that this can help your body with elimination because it will also increase your pH levels, and also loosens toxins in your digestive tract.

Improve your Heart Health

One of the most important things that you can do for yourself will relate to your heart. Those that are interested in improving their heart health should begin drinking water with lemon.

It is important to decrease your blood cholesterol levels to fight against heart attacks and strokes. The oils that are found in lemons will help stop the oxidation of LDL cholesterol particles in the body, so your heart remains healthy, and you can decrease your concerns related to strokes and heart attacks.

Fight against Anemia

You should know that if you are consuming water with lemon, you will be increasing the amount of vitamin C, and even citric acid within your body, because these are also found in lemon.

When these are increased within your body they can help aid in the absorption of iron from the other foods that you are consuming. When you have more iron in your body you will decrease the likelihood of becoming anemic.

Strong Immune System

Those that have a weak immune system will find that they are often sick because they are not able to fight off illnesses. But, if you are willing to consume lemon in water, you will also be consuming anti-viral properties.

These are really important when it comes to having a strong immune system, because your body will be able to fight off bacteria and fungus. The lemon also has an antioxidant property that will assist your body, when it comes to removing toxins so that you are healthier.

Mouth Health is Important

When most people think about lemon water benefits they do not automatically think about their mouth health. You will find that the lemon you are placing in your water will have numerous properties, which are related to fighting bacteria.


Bacteria are responsible for bad breath in the mouth. The lemon will assist in getting rid of the bacteria so that breath will smell fresher.

This is not all lemon will do for your mouth health. It can also be used to provide you assistance with any toothaches that you may have. Gingivitis is another oral disease that lemons will help to fight against.

If you would like to have whiter teeth then it would be a great idea to consider using lemons for this.

Have a Better Attitude

How many times a week do you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? This is not uncommon for many of us. It is very easy to improve your mood with one simple lemon squeezed into your water. Maybe this is because of the smell, or the fact that lemons have a great deal of vitamin C, which a lot of people is needed to reduce stress.

Are you taking medications for anxiety or depression? Rather than continually taking prescribed medications for these mental health complications, you should consider the lemon water benefits.

It has been suggested that drinking lemon water is a wonderful way to decrease anxiety and depression. It is also a lot less expensive than medications and other forms of alternative treatments.

Fight Off Urinary Tract Infections

Those that have struggled with urinary tract infections in the past, will most likely tell you that they do not want to deal with them on a regular basis. Going to the restroom frequently will strongly help decrease these infections, because your body will be eliminating the bacterium that causes them.

As you consume more water with lemon you will go to the bathroom more. Therefore, you will decrease the possibility of developing a urinary tract infection.

Kidney stones are also very painful and interfere with urination. Lemons fight off kidney stones as well, because it does not allow the stones to form within the body.

Drop Weight with Lemons

If you are trying to get rid of extra weight then it is important to consider drinking more water that includes lemon juice. You will also want to add honey to this. More and more diets have started to include this drink because it is effective, when it comes to dropping weight.

It will increase your metabolism, so this means that you are going to be able to burn off calories a lot faster.

Believe it or not, lemon will make you feel full. This is because it has pectin fiber. Because you will feel fuller when you use it, you will not eat nearly as much. When you consider all of these benefits, it is easy to see that you can decrease your weight a lot faster, than you would without having lemon within your diet.

Natural Cold and Flu Treatments

Lets be honest, being sick with a cold or flu is completely miserable. It can also become very expensive, especially when you think about all of the medications that you will most likely end up taking, to help you clear up the illness.

If you are looking for a natural way to fight off a cold or flu, then it may be a great idea to drink more lemon water. Remember, lemons naturally have vitamin C, and this will boost your immune system.lemon

You may find that you can also help decrease any discomfort you are having related to the cold and flu. Another combination that works well is lemon and honey.

The honey will help to make a sore throat feel better, as nasal congestion and mucus will be decreased when you make the decision to use this combination. Both of these are inexpensive and they will greatly increase your health when you are feeling ill.

Detoxify Your Body

More and more diets have started to discuss the need to detoxify your bodyLemon in water is a great way to detoxify your body and this is not a method that costs much money at all, because you do not need to have anything special.

If you are interested in doing this, then you must be sure that you are also adding salt to the mixture, or at least give it a try. It will only take a few glasses to notice a difference in your weight as well as with your skin.

Stop Worrying about Cancer

It seems that cancer is increasing every year and more people are finding themselves dealing with this terrible illness. It has been found that lemons may be a great way to decrease several different types of cancer, even breast cancer. The lemons contain plant compounds such as hesperidin and d-limonene. Many believe that this may be why the lemons can be so effective at fighting off cancer.

Balanced pH Improves Health

ginger-and-lemon-teaIf you would like to be healthier then you must be sure that your body has a balanced pH. The lemons acid will turn alkaline when you consume it, and it will alkalize your body.

This is even more effective if you are willing to add some salt to your lemon water. You will see a decrease in health problems when you do this.

When you are willing to drink this concoction, you will find that your digestive problems will begin to decrease. Skin diseases will also begin to disappear. Your body will absorb nutrients, and toxins will as a result, be eliminated. Believe it or not, you may even see an improvement in arthritis.

Get the Minerals Your Body Needs

We all know that our body needs certain minerals in order to be completely healthy, and also function how you need it to. However there are times when your body will not absorb the minerals that it needs. Lemon water can be a large benefit when it comes to this problem, as it will help improve the mineral absorption in the body.

As your body gets the nutrients that it needs you will become healthier. Your nervous system will work properly. It will be possible to fight against osteoporosis, because your body will absorb more calcium for example. Finally, you will not have to worry about a magnesium deficiency, so your heart rate will have a better chance of always binge in rhythm.

Radiant SkinLemon-Water

How many times have you looked in the mirror and found that your skin does not look the way that you want it to? It can be difficult to create a glowing, radiant look, which stands out in the crowd. But, this can be accomplished by drinking lemon water.

When you do this you will be eliminating the free radicals in the body, which cause wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Dark spots can also be lightened when you increase the amount of vitamin C in your diet. Individuals that are dealing with acne will see a decrease in this skin problem, within a short amount of time.

Amazing Hair is Not Far Away

Split ends and dry hair leave a lot to be desired when you want to create a flawless look. Lemons have properties that will help to fight off bacteria. Therefore, your scalp will be healthier and your hair will look wonderful. Those that have struggled with dandruff over the years will even see benefits from consuming this amazing fruit.

Energy that Lasts All Day

If you are tired of feeling sluggish and dead to the world, then you will certainly need to consider increasing the amount of lemons you are taking into your body.

Doing so will find that you are putting more of the vitamin B6 into your bloodstream.

This vitamin is responsible for turning your food into energy. This means that you will feel good throughout the day and you will feel less tired.

Lower Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure is a huge health risk that many individuals do not take seriously. However, this should be taken seriously because it can result in a number of cardiovascular problems.

Where do lemons come into this? Well if you are willing to increase the amount of vitamin C in your diet, you will be able to help lower your blood pressure. This means that your cardiovascular health is going to improve- great news.


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