Cinnamon Oil Found to Protect Kidneys, Treat Diabetes & Increase Sexual Desire

Of all the spices out there, I often preach that cinnamon should be part of our everyday diet. There are dozens of ways to use it and its healing properties are miraculous. For instance, did you know that numerous studies revealed that cinnamon shows positive effects in many diseases, such as gastritis, diabetes, and it’s also decreasing the bad cholesterol?

In just a few sentences you can read about the benefits of cinnamon. The health issues mentioned below certainly find cinnamon to be their worst enemy. If you know a person that suffers from these diseases, feel free to inform him or her that cinnamon can help fight some of the most awful diseases. Keep in mind that this information is backed up by scientific research. backsp_oils_divehi31

Cinnamon is very helpful to patients with type 2 diabetes, since it  improves the level of glucose and lipids. According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in Britain, specific ingredients found in cinnamon effectively deal with fungal infection.

Another study conducted at the University of Tel Aviv shows that cinnamon helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, because an extract found in the cinnamon’s bark avoids the development of this disease. Indian researchers have found that cinnamon is very effective with certain types of HIV.

Rush University’s survey shows that this spice prevents the destructive process of multiple sclerosis. Cinnamon essential oil is also beneficial for the kidneys. It is proven that cinnamon oil and its protective properties prevents the kidneys from damage induced by alloxan. The spice reduces the negative effects that occur after eating food which is high in fat and calories as well. Did I mention that cinnamon also increases libido? Well, I’m glad I caught your attention everybody.


So what if I told you that you can make your own cinnamon oil for everyday use? It’s easy and you’ll end up having another remedy in your kitchen cabinet. It can be used for both internal and external demand. What makes it special is its antibiotic, antiseptic, analgetic and aphrodisiac properties.

As I said the preparation of this homemade cinnamon oil doesn’t get any simpler than this.

All you need is 5-6 cinnamon sticks, olive oil and a glass jar. If you already have the ingredients, put the chopsticks in the jar and pour olive oil until the sticks are covered. You have to close the jar very well and then leave it at room temperature for the following 3 weeks. Don’t forget to shake the jar once in a while.

After 3 weeks, open the jar and strain the liquid through gauze. Put the strained oil in a dark bottle and there you go. As for the usage, as far as I’m concerned, I often add the it in desserts but I also consume a teaspoon of the oil every morning. You can also perform a massage with it. But make sure you use the cinnamon oil within a month, just to make sure the properties don’t lose their power.


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