This 16th Century ‘Colossus’ Sculpture Hides a Wonderful Secret

This half man, half mountain known to the locals in Villa di Pratolino, Tuscany as ‘Appennino’ stands over 35 feet tall and holds a wonderful secret.  The colossus sculpture was erected in the late 1500’s by the renowned Italian sculptor Giambologna, who designed the mountain God to house several hidden rooms that serve many different functions. It is said that his left hand holds flowing water from an underground stream and is rumoured that there is a space inside of his head that was made for a fireplace. When the fireplace is lit, smoke bellows from his nostrils!


This miniature model reveals the rooms inside of the colossus.



Hidden grottos revealed in the depths of the mountain man



An amazing site to see and truly one of kind.

by LJ Vanier


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