World’s First Eco Capsule Off Grid Home to Hit the Market

Developers at Nice Architects unveiled an eco-friendly pod that can be set up nearly anywhere in the world.


This pod is equipped with everything you need to sustain water and electricity with a 750 watt wind turbine and solar panels.



Inside you’ll find a  toilet, shower, mini-kitchen, bed, table and plenty of storage space.


eco3 eco4

The capsule weighs about 3300 pounds is measured at 3 x 5 meters and can be attached and plugged into to any electric car.


The pod collects rainwater, filters and stores it in a tank below the pod.



Go Incognito


Activate Invisibility Shieldeco13

Sleep Under the Stars


Meet me at the Beacheco9

The Float Lifeeco8

O.k so it doesn’t actually have an invisibility shield, but they have an assortment of exterior options. Nice architects are taking pre-orders at the end of 2015 and will start shipping in 2016.

by LJ Vanier

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