11 “Not-So-Secret” Secrets to Living Longer

The wish for longevity is undoubtedly one of the most common amongst people. How we can achieve, not only long lasting, but at the same time fulfilled life, until the very end? The authors of magazine “Prevention” are trying to come up with answers to this question, which answers are generalized down below.

Quitting detrimental habits

Quitting smoking and alcohol abuse can greatly extend your life and it’s proven to do so. And at the expense of saving money, you can rewire your brain and kick the habit, to be able to start to focus on what truly matters on life.

Red Wine

Experts have long argued that the prudent use of red wine (100-200 ml per day) is beneficial for proper operation of our cardiovascular system. The main thing is to drink high quality red wine and know when to stop after the first glass.



Never forget about sport activities. Physical activity is one of the main bets for health and longevity.

It helps maintain a healthy body and spirit. It’s not so important which one you will choose when you’re older – morning jogging, gymnastics on the carpet or billiards.

Life is all about movement – do what feels right to you.

Mental activity

It is no less important for our health than physical. Studies show that people, who have a higher capacity for mental activity, longer retain their clear thought, have superb memory and more interest to the outside world.

Sense of humorEinstein_laughing

Without doubt people say that laughter prolongs life.

That opinion can be taken literally, as recent survey results show that laughter helps fight obesity, cures heart disease and improves blood circulation.

Regular sexual life

According to scientists from Taiwan, it is rejuvenating to the body and slows the aging process. It’s physical activity – it helps you lose weight and you release a high amount of dopamine when experiencing pleasure.

Free expression of emotions

freedombannerModern psychology is firmly behind the view that a person must freely express his emotions.

According to the curious results of a recent study, women who express their emotions loudly, quickly and easily overcome stress, while for men it is contraindicated, since it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Quite soon they entered the medical terminology, as specific substances which prevent oxidation of organic compounds and thus strengthen human cells. Through this mechanism can be said that they are essential for slowing down the aging process of the whole organism. Antioxidants are found in large quantities in many fruits and vegetables such as: carrots, cabbage, peaches, apricots, strawberries, and also in fish, pomegranate, green tea, etc.


A study conducted at the University of California, says that the use of walnuts extends life by an average of 7 years. Walnuts contain substances that protect the heart and blood vessels from the harmful effects of cholesterol. To achieve this effect, according to researchers it’s enough to eat 5 walnuts per week.

CryingWoman crying.

This “secret” of longevity is perhaps surprising for many, but not according to biochemist William H. Frey.

He said that people, who restrain their tears in their childhood, get more often sick and can die earlier.

This, according to the scientist, is especially true for boys.


This is probably the most unusual way for longevity. A team of scientists from the University of Cambridge found that the habit of scratching in monkeys led to increased release of endorphins – the hormone of happiness. According to British experts scratching is soothing and harmonizing gesture.

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