How To Balance The Energy of Your Soul Mate

 The concept of twin flames/souls has gained so much momentum in the past few years which has led to a whole new “micro industry” in the spiritual community.  There is an endless amount of information that portrays this Divine Union as the most wonderful romantic relationship the Universe can bestow on us as human beings.  The purpose of this article is to add some clarity to the reality of this very unique and Divine journey.

Most Twins that are incarnated on this planet are not aware of their importance to humanity, they are very much asleep and living traditional 3D lives.  Then, something happens in their lives that triggers a series of events that cause them to examine what is happening and why.

Without suitably knowledgeable counsellors, physicians, psychologists or other usual professionals, those experiencing signs or symptoms of a Divine Union have no idea where to turn.  They use the various search engines to describe their situation, and then will stumble upon “Soul Mates” and/or “Twin Flames”.   Here is where the confusion really begins, and adds more to the thoughts of confusion and disbelief.

270077_f520There are usual signs and synchronicities between them in the Twin Flame scenario, usually two people (male/female or same sex) will meet under a set of unusual circumstances, will be from different cultures, religious beliefs, social classes and in some cases, large age differences.

The synchronicities normally seem to be a sense of knowing this person from somewhere before (soul memory), an ability to communicate for hours about everything and anything, and inert desire to share freely all that you know, the ability to be open and share in complete confidence and trust as well as a deep physical attraction.

As you develop the connection signs will play an important role, you may be blessed with seeing 11.11 (and similar type numbers grouped together), seeing the person’s name in unusual places (street signs, places you visit etc.) and other such indications of something more than coincidence.

There will be an inclination towards a physical relationship at a very early stage – and at this stage the connection really enters a phase of pleasure and sensations unlike any other experience.  Other signs include dreaming of them in strange situations, telepathic communication, knowing what they are feeling or sensing and the ability to finish each other’s sentences.


At some point the energy between the two will become overwhelming, and cause one or both to question what they are feeling.  Is this something I want or even deserve?

The triggers of the psyche will be heightened, and this normally leads to a physical separation and the ending of the relationship.  In a lot of cases this has a devastating effect on one or both of the twins – which then leads to an examination of the persons “failings” and or “issues”.

The thoughts or memories of the twin will be overwhelming in one’s mind, the inability to forget or release the things you shared or experienced.  You may continue to have telepathic communication, higher dimensional experiences such as Astral Travel, vivid dreams or even the inability to function in a “normal” way.

You will find it difficult to be able to express what you are feeling or going through due to the “craziness”.  In some cases you may revert to substances or other remedies for gratification, to simply forget – but the thoughts keep coming back, and usually stronger than before.

These signs should be heeded, as they are your soul telling you that there is something for you to do with yourself – there is a healing to take place that is essential to purify your being.  There is no point in making the target of your issues your beloved – this serves no purpose on this journey.  The starting point is to closely examine yourself, and the repetitive behaviors that you have present throughout your life.  Almost certainly you have come from and abusive family or life situation, and this is where the journey back to oneself begins.


It is important to get to the very core of yourself, focusing all your positive energies on going backwards to your shadow self.  Examining all of your behavior, your relationships (with family and friends), work, school, childhood, and then going into past life memories.

These memories serve as an indication as to your current life patterns, and can show you the role you played in a previous timeline.  The other timelines will have an impact on understanding who you really are, as well as any associated Karma you have brought with you into this timeline.

In examining who you are, the healing begins – the healing will involve committing yourself to going to places that many fear.  You will be confronting many areas of your life that are taboo, hidden or even horrific – we cannot change what has happened, but with healing, we can change the way it sits in our psyche.  Many twins have incarnated before, whether as a couple or as individuals – during these incarnations there have been lessons to be learned, exactly the same as in this one.

Our belief templates have to shift – we need to prevent history from repeating itself, and this is one of the keys to transformation of the twins’ lives in this incarnation.  Turning around to face the past is a brave act, and one that you should not fear – it is necessary to purify the soul to enable a re-union.

The importance of twin reuniting should not be underestimated, for they have a major role to play in the future of Gaia.  To expand the knowledge of so many lost souls living in a trapped society – forced by whatever drives them to live in a 3D consciousness.

Twins are beginning to wake up very rapidly these past few months – in some cases people lives have been turned completely upside down for no apparent reason.  If you recognize this then you should try to research further using trusted sources of information – from suitably qualified practitioners who themselves are Twins.

twin flames

Be very careful what information you absorb, particularly within the social media pages – as there is a lot of misinformation.  If a piece of information resonates, digest it fully, seek guidance from your higher self and guides, see how it fits into your situation and then slowly process it to get the answer you need for yourself.

What is important to understand from the very outset is the Twin Flame journey, is not a traditional relationship – it will include romance, but is in no way the sole purpose or objective.

It should not be labelled a relationship; A twin Flame Union, is much deeper and philosophical, and the focus is on how you (in Union) can live in the purest form of love.  The Union will have a mission and purpose, and one that you will discover as your healing and vibrations rise.  The Universe will give you signs and steps to follow, in turn confirming step after step you are on the right path.

A twin Flame Union is a balance of male and female energies, vibrating at the highest frequency with a purpose of sharing and teaching unconditional love to others.  To live in harmony and peace as our creator intended, to respect the environment in which we live, and to lift the vibrations of Gaia herself.

As a collective we have the ability to change the dynamics of the way we live, we can begin to reverse the effects of the way we act and treat each other, and how man treats the most important asset of all, him/herself.  When we can love our self fully, then we are able to love unconditionally – when we are in our own full truth, we have an impact on the collective.  As we raise our frequencies and vibrations this will only have a positive impact on Gaia and all of humanity.

The Twin Flame journey is incredibly challenging to any soul, yet you have been prepared for eon’s; now is the time for us all to stand in our light and work together, giving and receiving of love and light to have a positive impact on all that we have on value on this planet. Don’t be afraid to seek help or guidance, don’t be afraid to share your story or feelings and don’t be afraid to love yourself fully and freely, for without you there is no future.

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Written by Deane Thomas

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