What’s The Real Purpose Behind Spirit Science?

Ah, Spirit Science. What does this all of this mean to you? This website, the content, the videos and the message behind it all.

Entangled in this never ending web of comments, there is a wide spectrum of perspectives, opinions, likes and dislikes. Spirit Science is special in that it has a truly unique following. It’s unique because of You.

This community has grown into an online, collective consciousness of almost 8 million people, and there’s everyone from all walks of life listening to our message. The true core of what we’re creating, this intricate structure for a new, global system based on skills, passion and benefits all of humanity isn’t something that’s ever really talked about, because it’s still something thats evolving, growing and expanding into more ideas.

It’s all encompassing; shifting from the current economical, governmental, pharmaceutical,¬†educational, environmental and even internet systems, to one interconnected web of consciousness. Combining nature with technology, digital with reality, consciousness with consciousness; something that still seems quite a ways away.

It’s because it takes understanding, believing, seeing and expanding your awareness to form new neuropathways in your brain; a process everyone is experiencing at their own pace.

Spirit Science is a conduit for change, a platform for truth but it’s just the beginning. If you’ve followed this since the start, you know the page has changed, the focus shifted more from Jordan’s animations to a website and Facebook page. We’re trying to create something that requires the entire worlds participation, but in creating a foundation, we find ourselves struggling to find the right ingredients.

Everyone wants to make their positive shift in the world, but no organization, community, spiritual teacher or scientist seems to have a full view of the puzzle. The puzzle that connects all systems, internal and external, global and individual; and how to do it on all levels. What if you had all the puzzle pieces, but you needed just the right people to put them together? It’s seeing the entire vision, the macrocosm and microcosm. It’s a vision many share, that desire to change the world to benefit humanity; but no one seems to want to do the hard work; it’s mental, emotional, physical and multidimensional.

We’re trying to bring the best of the best together, the most passionate, skilled, masterful people together to create a new world. It takes those kind of people who never call themselves the best; they just demonstrate it. We’re looking for the top programmers, accountants, executive producers and craftsmen. But those who are truly about what they do, are doing it. They aren’t reading this article.

There’s only 3 of us at the core of this; Ray, Jordan and Lexie, ambitiously trying to shift a world that fundamentally doesn’t seem to want to budge.

Grow, expand, and evolve with us; together as One. We are all students of each other, we are all masters, we are all God incarnated; it’s time we started acting like it.¬†

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