9 Physical Warning Signs Our Bodies Send Us When Something is Wrong

Our bodies work in such magnificent ways, but we ought to take good care of them and also sense the signs which can point out when something goes wrong. It’s very important that you listen to your body and it’s about time that you stop ignoring the messages it’s sending.


1. Gray hair before turning 40 – Having gray hair is totally natural, and it’s often associated with genetics.

But if your hair is more than 50% gray while you are still in your thirties, this might be a sign of diabetes. If you are the only one in your family whose hair turned gray while still young, you should see a doctor.

2. Moles – Although most moles are benign, some of them might be setting the alarm on. Examine your body thoroughly just to make sure a new mole hasn’t appeared, especially after sunbathing.

As much as we love the sun, we must admit that it is very dangerous to be exposed to it for a long time. Having brand new moles on your skin may be a sign of skin cancer.

3. Changes in the color of the sclera (the whites of the eye) – Eye whites should always be white unless you haven’t slept good enough or during a common cold. This part of the eye can indicate some changes in the body. For instance, if it turns yellow, you might suffer from jaundice, poor liver function or you might have some problems with the gallbladder. If the eye whites turn red, it’s a sign of high blood pressure or conjunctivitis.

Chapped-lips-24. Chapped lips – Drastic changes in weather conditions, air temperatures or simply a windy weather can cause chapped lips, but they are also a sign of vitamin A and Zinc deficiency.

However, if you are suffering from chapped lips more frequently, the reason might lie in a fungal infection.

5. Swollen neck – If you notice that your neck is a little bit wider than before, immediately consult a doctor because it is an obvious sign of malfunctions of the thyroid gland. Unfortunately, thyroid issues are common in women between 20 – 50 years of age.

6. Red palms – This can be a sign of dermatitis, eczema or some allergic reaction often caused by certain foods, drinks, medicines or metals. However, red palms may also indicate a liver malfunction.

7. Changes in nails – Fingernails may be a good indicator of some changes regarding your health. If you’re seeing white patches on your nail bed – that means you need to more zinc! zinc-banner

8. Cold feet – Our feet are basically the furthest organs from the heart and that’s why cardiovascular diseases are manifesting foremost through the feet. Raynaud’s syndrome may be traced, due to cold and numb fingers, hands, toes, feet, nose, and ears.

9. Red cheeks – Sudden changes in the face are common in women between 30 – 55 years of age and they can be caused by hormonal imbalance, changes in temperature or spicy food. However, red blushing cheeks may indicate rosacea, chronic skin disease that affects mostly women.

By: Rene Caff

Healthy Sector 

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