How To Reconnect to Your Inner Divine Feminine Energy

The Age of Aquarius will manifest our divine feminine energy. We will be able to re-connect to that lost and persecuted spirituality which brings the chaotic world back in balance.

Religion, Politics & Astrology
The re-emergence of female energy is evident in the world at this time and it is quite obvious. Take a look at everything from the music industry to religion and even politics.

Men are dressing more feminine, women are running for governmental office positions and we are starting to see our intuitive potential more clearly.


These are all signs of the changing energies influenced by the Age of Aquarius. We are exiting the astrological age of Pisces (the last 2,000 years or so) which was dominated by male energy and war minded consciousness.

The Number 13

There is a lot of propaganda surrounding the number 13 and how it is “evil”. It is actually quite opposite in fact. The number 12 has been used for the last 2,000 years because it represents the sun (the zodiac, Jesus and his followers, the Gregorian calendar…etc.) which is male energy.

The moon on the other hand exudes female energy and is associated with the number 13. The reason for this is simple. Take a look at our 12 month calendar. There are uneven and unbalanced months with varying amounts of days.

Prior to the age of Pisces, we used a 13 month goddess based calendar where each and every month was exactly 28 days long. This represented the menstrual cycle of the woman since it was in the times when the planetary energies were feminine based.

If you multiply 13 by 28 you get 364. The extra day in the current Gregorian calendar was used to connect with the earth to honor our spiritual bodies and life itself.

shutterstock_417640570This was replaced with the male energy 12 month calendar when the religious clergy was formed. They saw the transformative power in feminine energy and were scared of it so they made the number 13 a bad number. This is the type of thing that no one ever questions. We just have this inherited belief that 13 is bad, but why??

The New Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius will manifest our divine spiritual awareness. It will re-connect us to that lost and persecuted femaleenergy which brings the chaos in the world back to balance. The collective consciousness in the coming years is emerging and moving forward.

In this water bearing and progressively intuitive sign, we now have the chance to respect the earth and honor our bodies and sexuality.

It has been nearly impossible for people to be open about this in the age of Pisces. This type of suppression is what causes angry and intolerant people.

Sexuality in the New AgeScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 7.54.46 PM
Sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it can be a very spiritual and physical experience once you allow yourself to live in balance.

It can open portals leading to the universe. Great healing can occur when we align with our sexuality and sexual energy.

The present existence of mankind is embracing the diving feminine energy. This is what can bring balance and help take us to the next level of consciousness.

By: Michael Tamez 

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