5 Ways To Visualize And Create The Life of Your Dreams

If you know about the Law of Attraction, you’ve likely heard that it is important to visualize your dreams in order to draw them closer to you.  While this definitely true, it is important that we visualize properly in order to manifest.  Improper visualization can actually push our dreams further away from us.

Here are a few tips on how to visualize your dreams effectively.  Following these steps will help you  use the Law of Attraction with success:

1) Be specific

In the initial stages of visualization, it’s best to identify as many aspects about this manifestation as you can.  For example, if you want to attract a new car, take the time to figure out the exact model and all of the options that you would optimally want.shutterstock_286247822

We’ve all had the experience of “almost” getting what we want, like getting the right car at the right price but in the wrong color.  As you progress through these steps, the universe will start to bring you what you’ve been thinking about, and if you haven’t thought at all about a key detail, your dream might manifest without it.

Therefore, it is best to fully identify what you want so it manifests properly the first time, and you don’t have to go back to the drawing board after an “almost perfect” item has shown up in your reality.

2) Focus only on what’s wanted

When you are trying to visualize something to manifest (like maybe a new job), stick ONLY to the aspects that you want.

In other words, you wouldn’t want to be thinking during your visualization “I don’t want a lot of meetings” or “I don’t want a boss who’s a control freak.”

shutterstock_291176792Thoughts like these will conjure an image in your mind of a lot of meetings or a controlling boss.  Visions like these make it more likely that the universe will bring you a job that has these exact things that you do not want.

You get the things that you are thinking about, so in this scenario it would be better to say things  like “I want a lot of time to work independently” or “I want a boss who is flexible and understanding.”  Then, visualize working independently and having a flexible, understanding boss.

Manage your thoughts during your visualization to ensure that they focus only on the wanted.

3) Let the universe decide how it happens

Please make sure that you don’t spend any effort or time visualizing how your dream will manifest.

For example, let’s say that you want a 60 inch screen television.  Do not make it part of your vision to imagine yourself going to the store and buying it.shutterstock_326237924

The reason this is important is that the universe can deliver your dreams in an infinite number of ways.  It may be easier and quicker for your dream to come in a way you’ve never considered.

Maybe you’ll win the television in a raffle your friend entered you in without your knowledge, or a coworker needs to move suddenly and simply gifts their brand new TV to you.

Stick only to the end outcome. It is your job to decide what you want, but it is the universe’s job to decide how to bring it to you.

4) Immerse yourself in the vision to feel like you have it

shutterstock_346780844Once you have clearly identified exactly what you want, allow yourself to be totally immersed in the vision.

If it’s a dream vacation, do a google search and look at pictures on the internet of the destination, the airport you’d arrive in and the hotel you’d be staying at.  If it’s a new cell phone, go to the mobile store and pick up the phone, look at it and play with it.  If it isn’t something tangible, simply spend some time fantasizing about having it.

The goal here is to begin feeling like you already have what you want.  Feeling as if you have your dream will bring you into the frequency of actually having it.

5) Let go

This is the most important step and the one most people get stuck on.  After you’ve properly defined what you want and immersed yourself in the vision, you must let go in order for manifestation to occur!

Do not obsess over this visualization any more.  You have done your job of visualizing exactly what you want, now you must send the universe a message that you expect for it to arrive.

Sitting down day after day to visualize sends a message that you are focused on not having what you want.  Focusing on not having something creates a situation where it will continue not to come.

You’ve very likely had several experiences where you wanted something very badly for a long time and you just couldn’t seem to take your mind off of it.  Finally one day you said “I give up on this! I’m ready to move on with my life!” and then WHAM! it manifested almost immediately.

Remind yourself of times like these to help you let go when you are working with your new dreams.  Paradoxically, if you can make it ok for your dream not to come true, it will come true.  Surrender your vision to the universe and then get back to living your life.

Again, to manifest your dream using the Law of Attraction, visualization is important, but you must take care to visualize in a way that draws your dream closer rather than pushes it away.

Please remember to be specific, focus on the wanted, let the universe decide the “hows,” immerse yourself in the feeling of having and (most importantly) let go when you have completed your visualization. If you can complete each of these steps you will be able to manifest your dreams quickly and easily!

Source: This article was written by Andrea Schulman and was featured on raiseyourvibrationtoday.com. It was used with permission from the author.

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