3 Energetic Blockages That Can Lead to Physical Heart Pain

The best way to keep your energy field clear as well doesn’t involve any kind of divination or spiritual tools.  It ultimately comes down to the way you process and deal with your emotions in the present moment.  When you bottle up thoughts and feelings, it gets stored in your energy centers (chakras) and can cause physical complications in the body.  The negative health effects of stress and anxiety are endless.

In fact, 90% of all disease is either caused by or aggravated by stress.  Heart attacks, blood pressure,  hypertension, and even strokes have all been strongly linked to stress.  What we are going to explore briefly in this article is how stress is caused on a spiritual/energetic level, and how you can prevent it in the future.

I’m not suggesting you stop taking your heart medications (if you are on any), but I have learned through experience with my own heart issues that the cause is often not physical but emotional and spiritual.  Here are 3 extremely common energetic blockages that cause heart pain and heart issues.

1) Suppressing emotionsshutterstock_121986982

There are a lot of people who teach that letting go of emotions is a sign of spiritual advancement.  In reality, embracing, experiencing, and learning from emotions is the most healthy way to deal with them.

Don’t let your mind convince you it is more “conscious” to pretend like something doesn’t affect you, and don’t let your ego put up a wall that convinces you it’s not a big deal.

Let your emotions be there, and look to see what the cause of them is.  Fully feel them and analyze them. The cause may turn out to be something silly, but it’s always important to look and see instead of disregard and bury.

When you bury emotions, they store up in your physical body and cause things like depression, anxiety, anger, and stress, all of which impact the health of your heart.

2) Not communicating

When you don’t communicate what you mean, those thoughts get stored in your energy field and cause tension and stress within your body.  


Stress and tension in the body leads to nervous system burn out, an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, and adrenal fatigue, which puts extra stress on your heart.  Don’t hold on to thoughts that are making you stressful and anxious.  Communicate them fully.When you communicate, don’t beat around the bush.

Say what you mean.  When you don’t say what you actually mean, you are actually hurting the other person by lying to them.  You are hurting yourself by holding on to your true feelings, and you are preventing the situation from being resolved because it’s not entirely clear what it is that has to be resolved.

Say what you mean, but say it for the purpose of providing energetic clarity.  Don’t use this as an excuse to be abusive, but give yourself full permission to communicate how you really feel.

3) Not forgiving

Holding on to feelings and resentment aggravates the energy center of your heart because it is the center associated with compassion, understanding, and love.  For your own sake, find it within yourself to energetically release any resent or hate you have towards people who have wronged you in your past.


You may not realize you are still holding on to it until you feel the weight of its release.  Maybe it is something a teacher said to you in high school, or something one of your old friends did to you back in elementary school.

What it is, either communicate it to them (if you can) or set aside some time to fully allow yourself to feel it, see it, set any pride aside, and forgive them for it in your heart.

These solutions may sound too simple to be true, but try it out for yourself and see how it works.  If you are holding a grudge against someone, tell them right away before it causes you health problems.  If you are experiencing an emotion, don’t convince yourself that it’s better to not feel it or to not give it attention.  And if you resent someone who has hurt you in the past, release yourself from that.

These are very simple solutions to daily stress and anxiety, and therefore of heart issues.  If you feel something bottle up in the energy center of your heart region, don’t ignore it.  Take a look and see what’s there. 

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