10 Toxic Things To Stop Letting People Do To You

It’s time to…

1. Stop letting people force THEIR truth on you. – Everyone’s truth is their own and we need to respect that. When someone is pushing their belief on you, remember that is their truth, not yours and you do not need to accept it.

Sad little girl2. Stop letting people’s negativity bring you down. – Sometimes we all feel low and can’t help but put forth that vibration onto other people. Remember if you’re feeling anxious or stressed, check if it’s coming from an external source. People’s thoughts and feelings are separate from you and don’t dictate who you are.

3. Stop letting people drag you into arguments. – An unneeded argument is the worst, don’t feel like you need to reply in those moments. Sometimes the best thing to do is say nothing and walk away. You’ve lost nothing and there’s no regrets in holding your space.

4. Stop letting people distract you from your dreams. – When people say you can’t do something, that’s their limited perception of what is and isn’t possible. Show with your actions how you can do anything you believe you can and their words will stop.

5. Stop letting your friends talk behind your back. – This one is simple. A true friend doesn’t need to say anything negative to your back because they care enough to say it to your face. If your friends do this, they might not be as truthful as they think they are.

6. Stop letting people tell you that you need to be someone else. – When people want you to be someone else, that is their opinion of what they think is right. Someone’s opinion of how you look, how you act and who you are is just that – an opinion.


7. Stop letting people lie to you.- Can you sense when someone is lying? There is a reason they want to keep something hidden, and usually it doesn’t even have to do with you. Call them out if you catch them, tell them you won’t allow their lies in your existence.

8. Stop letting people take advantage of you. – This one is a no brainer. People do this all the time and so much of it is unconscious. People use others to get ahead, they emotionally and mentally take advantage of the state of your mind to get what they want. Realize when this happens and once again, call them out!

10. Stop letting people continue to misunderstand. – If you know something that someone needs to understand in order to shift – take the time to explain to them what they need to know. If you have an answer, a truth or knowledge for them that would change the way they interact with the world, do it!




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