6 Fundamental Questions To Ask Yourself As You Grow Spiritually

Awakening is a process that some would say that never really ends.  It’s more a journey than it is a destination.  If we live in an infinite universe, the process of fully awakening to all of it would be an infinite process.  So it is likely that there are no fully “awakened” souls, but rather those who are in the process of awakening.

Until all of life’s lessons have been learned, awakening can be spoken of as an ongoing process.  Chances are, if you are reading this article then you are on your way down this path.  Here are 6 questions to ask yourself and reflect on.  Some may speak to you and your experience, and others may not.  But the important part is to keep striving for higher consciousness, and to be willing to fall short sometimes in order to learn how to improve.

1) Do you question the nature of reality?

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Do you think about how everything came to be ?

Awakening souls often ponder their own origins, life after death, and the meaning of existence.

They may not have all of the answers, but it is the interest in the nature of reality that is a telltale sign of a soul that is undergoing the awakening process.

The important part is not always to have the answers.  Carrying around a sense of wonder and mystery is what breeds true transformation.

2) Are you moving in the direction of your dreams?

Are you engaged in some kind of activity that brings out your passion? Do you have work, hobbies, sports or relationships that are inspiring and that bring out your inner fire?  Someone who is not experiencing an awakening will think that living a life that makes you happy is wishful thinking.  Just go to school, and pay the bills.  Those who are awakening find it necessary to follow what makes them come alive inside, even if it means making sacrifices.

3) Do you feel love and compassion for humanity?

shutterstock_116740402The process of awakening is one of realizing that we are all interconnected.

When you feel this connection with the world around you, it becomes harder to be judgmental, mean, and cruel.

Those who are awakening are less likely to judge, criticize and compete with others, and frequently choose to lift others up over cutting them down.

4) Do you question what you’ve been taught in school and by the mainstream media?

Those who haven’t begun to awaken rarely question the information they are taught in school and the stories that they hear on the news.  A soul who is in the process of awakening starts to see through the veils of delusion that the system has pulled over our eyes, and begins to question and lose interest in what mainstream media has to say.  They may get called “conspiracy theorist”, but in reality, they just have a good bullsh*t detector.

5) Are your actions guided by your own moral compass?

shutterstock_108848726So many people believe matters of moral acceptability are made objective by what the legal system has to say about it.

For those who are asleep, right and wrong are often judged by what is illegal, what is unpopular, or what is natural.

An awakening soul usually measures moral dilemmas carefully, and pays attention to all of the grey areas in between.

Their choices reflect their intuition and their own sense of rationality, instead of reflecting the rulebook their culture has handed to them.

6) Have you experienced “the oneness”?

Experiencing the “oneness” is a profound experience, where we literally feel as if we are connected to everything in the universe.  Our ego dissolves, and we step into our universal identity. It’s a hugely transformational sensation that not everyone will experience, but if you have experienced it you will know exactly what it is like.  Once you experience this oneness, something inside you remains permanently activated.

shutterstock_238707229Though not all awakened souls will experience all of these things mentioned above, they will likely experience at least a few of them.  The awakening process is different for different people, but when it comes down to it, we are all souls.  We all live on the same planet.  We all have bodies, minds, and egos.  This is why the majority of awakening signs are so universal.

There is no reason to judge yourself or others based on how “awake” you or they may be.  Everyone is doing what they can from their level of consciousness.  Encourage them, guide them, and provide them with the wisdom and knowledge they may need to step into a higher version of themselves.  When we stop allowing our egos to try to take credit and gain recognition for spiritual awakening is when we will realize we are all on the same team, and that its our job to offer what we can to others to assist them on their journey.

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