Hospitals and Healing

Spirit Quest 20


I infiltrated a hospital to see what modern society knows about the healing arts. I learned many things. Allow me to share them with you.

How did i get into the hospital you ask? Well, I picked up skills from playing Metal Gear Solid and used them in real life, obviously.

6 thoughts on “Hospitals and Healing”

  1. I’m always constantly focused on my third eye chakra. I’ve been painting and drawing peoples auras, and id like to see what you think of them. get youre reaction, your insight. more or less, see a different view on the symbolism of these paintings.

  2. I worked on a cardiac floor for years..I’ve had nearly 30 surgeries..My mother was an RN for 27 years. YES this is ENTIRELY possible my friends! I’ve seen so much it would BLOW you away!

  3. You’re saying that all it took to go in there was a surgeon’s mask and a camera? Hot damn. That’s ridiculous. There’s a hospital near where I live that is focused on holistic healing as well. It’s brand new and state of the art. Let me ask you this: Have you ever tried infiltrating a children’s hospital?

    I imagine it’s very different. You should try it and find out. My hypothesis is that we think that children need healing in their souls and bodies, but as we grow into adults, it’s like people think we no longer need the spiritual healing, that it’s “a trifling thing”. I guess more people need to see the movie Patch Adams.

  4. Wait . . . the surgical team just let you waltz in without identification and video everything? I thought surgeries were a LOT more secure than that . . .

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