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The Spirit Science Toolbox is a brand new expansion of the Spirit Science Series! Sign up below and you’ll start receiving delicious weekly emails that go through all of the Spirit Science videos, and other videos and projects that we’ve made (or other awesome cats have made).

Not only that, but along with each video we will be expanding upon the Spirit Science series with even more ideas, concepts, and understandings to take our awareness of ourselves and each other to a WHOLE ‘nother level!

You’re not going to want to miss this ;)

730 thoughts on “Spirit Science Toolbox”

  1. I actually love this website. Just found it today and I have been going through everything and learning as I find this topic really intriguing. I would really like to learn more so please could I get the spirit science toolbox emails? Thanks.

  2. I love spirit science! I believe I know how adam and eve fit in the video history is not what you think when the
    atlanteans fought the martians and the temple of atlantis went underwater and they disappeared the small group of humans that were at level 0 might have had adam and eve who started the huge population of billions today.Because some people were still alive which the egypt gods helped form that’s what I think if you guys want to know how they fit

  3. Happy easter Sunday, especially for the kids, tomorrow is a special day, Christ has risen. God bless. Spirit of easter is upon us. There is a green hill far away, without a city wall, where our dear lord was crucified, he died to save us all.

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