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The intention for this chat is for Seekers of any kind, Spiritual, Atheist, Religious, or even Agnostic to come together in a space of peace, honest, open conversation, and talk about anything! Lets be open, lets be loving, and lets be kind.

There is a room list bellow the chat window, if you want to talk about something specific, check and see what’s up in the chat room of your choosing :)

TO JOIN ROOMS: type /join #roomname

Thank you!

– Ray, Joshua & Team Spirit


 Channel/Room List
If you’re new to IRC, don’t worry it’s just like any other chat except it lets you do a few things extra.

  1. How do I Change My Display Name (Nick) ?
    Type: ” /nick myNewNickname ” without the quotes.
  2. How do I Register or Password Protect my Nickname?
    Check these instructions (good question, someone write it up and tell one of the ops in the chat and we will put it here.
  3. How do I Change Channels, or Go to A Different Chatroom?
    Type: ” /join #NameOfChannel ” without quotes.
  4. How do I Block or Ignore trolls and spammers?
    Type: “/ignore username” without quotes, replacing “username” with the name of the troll/spammer.
    Type: “/unignore username” without quotes, as before to reverse this.
  5. Can I use more commands?  Where can I learn the commands?
    for now, google…
  6. Can I Use a Different Client to Chat?
    Yes! The IRC domain we are currently using is: web.libera.chat
    The default channel is #spiritscience
  7. Room too full? 
    Try joining any of the channels/rooms listed above.
    Or you can make a new chatroom and tell your friends about it!
  8. Have any more questions?  Have a channel you want listed?
    Tell us in the comments section below! :D

969 thoughts on “Welcome to the Spirit Side Chats”

  1. Hi there love and light sent to you all, when we pass illness gone just any thing that has happen will go and do live on in a beautiful place they are happy pets too human and animals never really go they always around, the colours I seen are amazing the beauty I seen is amazing nothing negative over there peace and love. pam

  2. O! Google Chrome.
    Thy load time* is
    incomparable to Firefox!
    Yet still, a girl waits
    To log on —
    — as Vyykkyy!

    *Chrome can be particularly slow.

  3. Please….. Is there any1 that can help me explore what is happening 2 me. My third eye has opened. N I am having trouble controlling it. It is very powerfull. I see and feel everything. Its too much. Really need help.

  4. Pls help me. I see n feel everything around me. I stay indoors because i cant deal with the outside world. I feel the auras of people n they r not nice. I can feel peoples thoughts n the agenda that has been planned out 4 the little people like ‘us’.

    1. What is your problem and what do you need? If you are confused then come out of it by remembering some thing else rather than your problem. That is called more meditation.

  5. Okay, this is a VERY rough write-up of the movement I’ve been attempting to create (at least inside my own head) for quite some time. Anyone who has questions, feel free to ask.

    We are the Strivers. Ours is not to gain. Ours is merely to be, to live in a life that is full of experience, of love, of fulfillment in knowing that we are going nowhere, that we are not meant to reach an end. We live in the knowledge that there is no end that will give us anything worth having: no spiritual fulfillment, no heavenly bliss before the face of God, no knowing that one’s loved ones will be safe after death, no feeling of security. We know this, we embrace this, we are freed from the worldly bondage that is the desire for an end that does not end us. Though we began, we will not end in a state of eternality. We will end as we were before we began. We will be nothing, and so will be all. We are indivisible from God in that we return to all that is, and indivisible from one another in that our final fate is the same. Only this life, this perfect dance of longing, of being, of knowing, and of growing to be more than we are, only this can satisfy the eternal longing for purpose. We are born with only the purpose of being. We die only having fulfilled this being, no matter how short a time it was. We will not be remembered. We will not be saved from death. We will not move on to some happier plane of existence. Ours is to claim the now, ours is to shape what will be, but ours is not to cling to what we may do for the world and how the world will remember us. Ours is only to be what we are now, and to allow that to suffice, and to use what we are in the service of others. We are not ourselves: we are all for one another. Our purpose is to live, and our purpose is to allow life to form around us, and to become better through us, though realizing the powerlessness of our scope in the end. But why cling to power, why desire it? We come and go as though we were a breath of air, but that breath can still be felt by those who love us. Though we do not resonate for all of time, we resonate in our own lives, and allow that to suffice. We are the Strivers. We have only this time. We will not waste it.

    1. Forgive me if I misunderstand your style of writing. Almost your every sentence is an assertion as if you know it to be so. Ours is…We know this…Our purpose is…We have only this time…Ours is to claim…We are born with only the purpose of being…Only this can satisfy. All these assertions you seem to know are what moved me to reply. Why do you think you know any of what you have presented here to be true, to be a reasonable assessment of Reality? What makes you even think that our/your human mind(s) have the ability to comprehend Reality, or just what it’s purpose might be?

  6. Do you feel pain and suffering in your life?

    Do you realize you might be causing pain and suffering to other beings too?

    Maybe before desperately looking for peace and happiness, you call can look at the people you are hurting and also the animals you are paying to be drugged (hormones ,antibiotics) tortured and killed. And the enviroment plants and animals that might be dying because of you.

    Yes you are a cause of suffering , may all beings be happy in peace and liberated.

  7. SorryI’m New nice to meet you all …..HAVE you guys had the experience with the kundalinirising more than once, and why sometimes Stills happening withn me,

  8. There has been weird things going on in my aunt’s home her dog has been real sensitive not normal the front door unlocked and opened on its own and I’ve been getting a feeling of someone watching me at night and a hot rush of air please respond with suggestions

    1. Well you may have to consider that there is a spirit there. Try not be too alarmed or go into fear mode as some like this. If you are getting gusts of air in your face whilst inside and no open windows then a spirit is trying to communicate and may even be trying to relax you or get you to pay more attention to what’s around you which can be hard because we live in such heavily distractef society. Take some precautions and look up some things on protection items or clensing scents that you can place round the house. If you feel someone is watching you while you sleep call out to them. Create a montra that you are safe, protected, loved and do not allow any selfish spirits or beings that are more interested in your fear to be in that room with you. Do it reapectfully though and just casually, the more drama you put in to it the more it will try to create.

    2. Hi Amie. Just wanted to hopfuly give you a boost and just remind you that you are strong. This is going to sound a bit obvious but sometimes we just need reminding…. the main difference bwtween us and a spirit is the convinience/ unconvinience of a body. The orher thing that was obviois but helped me was to work on what fear is. My simple conclusion is that fear is an outside frequency or energy and you need only to stand against it and you realise you have the power and choice to let it in or not. I stand energeticly with you. You are not alone and you never were. Have an awsome day

    3. Tell the being respectfully but firmly to go where it came from or go to the light without harming anyone. Give it a choice.

    4. Hellow well ur pets will see a Sprite first easy before we know it’s there. That’s how I know I had a Sprite in my home. And with ur door open and closing on it’s own I would say u have a Sprite letting uknow there there. But if u talk to it or let it know uknow he’s there. U could end up with an attachment. Then u might have a hard time getting it out of ur life. So be very careful… And God bless u. Ps I had had an attachment for five years now and he has put me in alot of pain and he’s nuts from using drugs he hole life. So think before u do anything ok. Lynna

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