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This is What Happens When You Take a Vow of Silence For A Week

A vow of silence (mauna) has one main focus — to awaken awareness. Cultivating awareness, means being in the present moment at all times and experiencing each and every action with full consciousness.

If you are drinking a coffee, you don’t drink the coffee while reading a newspaper, all the while your mind is thinking about what tasks the day holds for you. You drink the coffee and are conscious that you are picking up the cup. You lift it to your lips, you feel the sensation of taste, you put the cup back down and your mind is fully in the present moment and the task at hand. By living in the present, you increase your awareness. It is like switching off your auto pilot and removing yourself from routine life.

A vow of silence further enhances this awareness and gives you the shake you need, to finally break the mold. Known as a spiritual awakening or state of enlightenment.

1. You Change the Definition Of Yourself

Without others we have no definition of ourselves. We determine who we are by the perception of others. When you take a vow of silence, you can no longer prepare your response and react to the circumstance. When you can no longer think and talk your way through situations, you have no choice but to let go of your societal mask.

This mask is the “you” that you were told you were. The role that you play, in the game you were playing.

2. You Enhance Your Perception

Your senses become overflowed with energy. This energy was chewed up by thinking and speaking and so when they open up, they take on a new tremendous intensity.

Sunsets will appear more vivid, flowers become enchanting, and the whole world comes alive. The stars look brighter and your connection is deepened, as you delve into your miraculous and spontaneous sense of being. Continue reading

Inner Child Work 101: How to Integrate Your Shadow Aspects

During the first 6 years of our lives our programming is being set. Psychologically, this programming will determine how each of us deals with life, our level of confidence and how we define what love looks and feels like.

The relationship with our parents and caretakers is the single most important connection we establish, as this first understanding becomes the definition of love. Whether the home is filled with tremendous love or lack there of, even the happiest households still birth children who harbour feelings of pain and rejection.

As you become the adult you, the inner child stays with you compartmentalized into your psyche holding the pain, rejection and programming you were born into.

Until these emotional wounds are healed, they will continue to manifest outwardly and can create all sorts of problems. You may find that you continually live the same scenarios in life, such as finding partners who mirror your original household upbringing, yet are not healthy for you. Continue reading

If You Truly Knew What You Were Capable Of, You Would be Doing THIS:

For centuries Daoist Masters have been harnessing the energies from within.

Using the Yin-Yang, positive and negative energies. Masters of the Art, harness this electric current by pulling the positive energy from the sacral  and the negative energy from the root chakra (Hui Yin). Alchemizing the energy at the sacral chakra, the (Shenjue or Xia Dan Tian).

This energy circuit known as the small heavenly circuit, does not directly translate to the inner flute in Buddhism (as depicted above). However, it is known that the area  just below the naval is the meridian energy center, where all energy is alchemized and all energy is collected and received.

This Master has meditated everyday since he was a young child and has studied this art for 18 years. His discipline has paid off, as he has gained the ability to project electrical energy from his body. The energy is hot enough to burn you at a single touch and high enough, to start a fire with a single hand.

It takes discipline and meditation to awaken this gift and requires extreme control of your every emotion. Once the energy is unleashed, the electric current is so potent that it can be become dangerous, if not used properly.

Qi or (chi) energy is collected by standing straight with legs at shoulder width. Place your right hand flat 3-4 inches from your sacral chakra and begin moving it in small circles gradually growing larger until your largest pass is at your forehead. (For men begin your circle downwards towards your feet and for ladies begin your circle vertical towards your heart)

Slowly begin decreasing the size of the circle until your hand is once again creating small circles at your sacral. It is best to collect Qi in the early morning hours between 7-9 am as well as in the evening 7-9 pm. Continue reading

Cracking The DaVinci Code: Understanding How Everything is Connected

Do you remember the movie Men in Black, where the aliens are rolling around marbles and when the alien picks one up, you see that there are millions of galaxies inside each one?

Hold onto that thought.

In 1901, Richard Maurice Bucke released a book titled Cosmic Consciousness and in it he explained that everything is composed of an all-encompassing immanent God.

Meaning that the universe itself, is a living organism and each planetary body has its own consciousness that is linked to the cosmic consciousness of the all.

golden ratioThroughout his work, you are opened up to the patterns. Once you see the pattern you begin to understand where you are in existence.
It starts with the Golden Ratio that you would find in flowers, pine cones, and sea shells and moves on to roots of trees, thunderbolts of lightning, and tornadoes.

This understanding can be applied to the microcosm and macrocosm for you science minded folks. As it signifies seeing the same patterns reproduced on all levels of the cosmos. From the largest scale to the smallest scale, the macrocosm represents the universe and the microcosm represents the small sub atomic at even metaphysical levels.
Let’s think on that for a bit and move on. Continue reading