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Daily Divination 4/19/16 ~ Chaos Inherited

Thurisaz and Othala

Thurisaz is named after the mighty Thor, the familiar Norse god which carries the great hammer. Today it is acted upon by Othala, the rune of Ancestral property or an inherited estate.

41916 runes doneThor’s power can be unwieldy and chaotic. It represents the intensity and power that is sometimes necessary when it comes to fighting demons. Demons take many forms and are alive within each of us. Sometimes they manifest as life’s great challenges and other times as a nasty thorn in your side. Thurisaz, itself resembling such a thorn, also represents the destructive cycles in nature that give birth to new opportunities. The great swinging hammer creates space for new life to thrive, new challenges to be taken on. Growth is only possible with this great intention.

Othala represents that which is inherited as both earthly wealth, family heritage, and spiritual knowledge. It can come to represent man’s constant struggle to create a heaven on earth. From generation to generation, we work to progress the state of our tribe and strive to leave behind wealth and comfort as we become ancestors to future generations. This means a legacy of spiritual wealth just as much as it does monetary wealth.

Together, these two runes suggest a disruption in inherited wealth. Remember that great energy is required to create change in ingrained structures, as generational karma can often be. We carry the burdens of our ancestors and much as their charm. As much as we benefit we must also strive to contribute, but it must be in a way that is true to your power. You will be of great help to your family and tribe when you contribute from your most authentic self.

Alistair & Forest

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Daily Divination 4/16/16 ~ Courage & Protection through Service

Today’s drawing reveals… Another Warrior! For those of you keeping track, this is now the 4th Warrior Rune to appear in the last five readings. Serious warrior vibes, Stay Strong People!!!

Our first rune drawn is Algiz in reverse. Algiz is referred to as the shield rune and its purpose is to protect against any and all attackers. The reversal of the rune can mean a call for caution. We may be vulnerable to attack from sources seen and unseen. You might also notice the shape of our peace sign, representing peace through the lowering of the shield.

rune reading 41616 doneOur good friend Tiwaz, the warrior rune is beginning to take on a new meaning. The continued warrior theme suggests to me that we are all under a period of strengthening. Ultimately, we must all be working toward the common good, and to do that we must build ourselves up to full strength. By devoting ourselves to service we may find the clarity and calm of the warrior.

This reading calls on us to take stock of our strengths and consider how you might best serve humanity with your own unique talents and your unique strengths. Let your passions, your creativity, and your spirit be your guides. Use great caution that the dark and fearful forces do not steer you away from your purpose, or siphon off your strength along the way.

If you have found that place in your life, give thanks and go to work with the full strength of your warrior. If you have not, give it some thought today. You may find you are well on your way.

Forest & Alistair

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Daily Divination 4/14/16 ~ Protect Your Light

Today’s reading is a reminder of the light in each of us. It is also a reminder that our light is a gift that can flicker when not protected.

rune 41416 doneSowilo is the Sun Rune. Like a warm summer day, it illuminates our lives and provides clarity, energy, and warm light. It reminds us that somewhere deep inside is a powerful being that is on a divine path, capable of handling whatever the universe is willing to throw at them. Consistent awareness of this power leads to success in the long term, and provides us the faith to maintain that path before it is fully illuminated.

Tiwaz is the warrior rune, which we have seen a lot of lately. It is the namesake of Tyr, the mythical warrior that allowed his own hand to be eaten by the giant wolf Fenris in order to capture it. It reminds us both of the strength of the warrior and their willingness to sacrifice parts of themselves for others.

Tiwaz reversed carries a warning against involvement. It suggests that we do not go running straight into the battle and put ourselves at great risk. Perhaps this is the time to use your warrior energy for protection. The wisest of warriors aims to preserve peace through strategy and cooperation. They render war and battle unnecessary by remaining in their own power, tending to their needs and the needs of those who they fight for.

As we consider our intentions for the day, consider your own source and connection to light and how it may be vulnerable. Protect it with love, care, and discipline, and it will always be there to serve you. Be cognizant of your own physical safety and security around your home and family. The world needs your light, and it is up to you to protect and preserve it.

Alistair & Forest

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Daily Divination 4/12/16 ~ Finding Your Strength

Today’s reading brings Mannaz reversed and Uruz. That would be the rune of humanity reversed and the rune of strength. How might one interpret the reverse of humanity or community? How might the strength of the ox be affecting this? Let’s find out.

runes41216Mannaz in reverse can be interpreted in a few ways. In its upright orientation it represents man and humanity, from the global community to your own community to your own self and inner being. It reminds us of the importance of our relationships to others and to the world around us. It emphasizes the importance of nurturing those relationships and understanding yourself as a human, with your unique needs and experience. Its reversal could signal a time or sense of solitude, or it could also represent the same meaning as upright, but to a close relation of an opposite gender. For a husband, this may refer to the wife, to a sister her brother, etc.

Uruz comes as the action as if delivering strength to Mannaz. Uruz is the symbol of the ancient Aurochs, a now extinct ancestor and namesake of our modern ox. The Aurochs is a fearless beast that fights full force with its horns. It is known for its raw power, its strength and stamina. While not necessarily aggressive, its rune represents a deep well of strength. This strength, though it may feel distant, can be called upon when needed and nearly inexhaustible once unleashed.

Those of you that have been keeping up with these readings might draw a parallel to the repeated manifestation of Tiwaz, the warrior rune. While there is surely more of that to come, we are reminded of the strength of the warrior here with Uruz. Both are very masculine runes and are reminders that we all must find our power and strive to maintain our place within it.

To interpret them together, I see two distinct meanings. This could signal a strength in solitude, should the reversed Mannaz indicate a personal struggle, or strength to a loved one, if indeed Mannaz is referring to the experience of a loved one. In either case, the strength of Uruz highlights the unleashing of strength. Use this strength to push forward through your struggle. Share this strength with your loved ones. Come at today ready to take on insurmountable hardship, and you will find ease in your execution. Share your strength with your allies and bring joy and love to those around you.

Forest & Alistair

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Daily Divination 4/9/16 ~ Changes in Wealth & Security

Today’s rune reading begins with Hagalaz, the Storm Rune, or the rune of drastic change or disruption. This rune represents the effects of unforeseen or uncontrollable forces, and often accompanies great changes in one’s situation.

This upheaval type of energy, while it may be frightening at times, is necessary to make space for new development. It can shift the tone of complacency and be a positive force in that it can dislodge negative habits or habitual circumstance.


Othala is the rune of inheritance or physical possessions. It reminds us of the need for material security and the important role it plays in our lives.

It can also represent hard work, dedication, vision, and other necessary ingredients of success, so it is generally a very positive rune. One must be careful not to take this energy in excess, however, as this can lead to greed or materialistic hoarding.

Considering the two together, with Othala acting on Hagalaz, we see the theme of change in material wealth or one’s relationship to material wealth. This could mean many things, and you should consider what that might mean to you. Perhaps a new job opportunity? Maybe a great stroke of luck? You may even find yourself becoming more self-reliant and feeling less desire for material things.

Always be weary of disruptive and chaotic forces, but leave room for their cleansing effect for these things may very well be blessings in disguise.

Alistair & Forest

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Daily Divination 4/5/16 ~ Time to Be a Warrior!

Uruz reversed followed by Tiwaz

Today’s reading reminds us that every so often, it is time to stand up and be a warrior. We want to be peaceful, we want to be happy, loving, and caring to each other. We should do that as much as we possibly can, but eventually, somebody somewhere is just going to be an obstacle, and that obstacle will need to be overcome.

rune 4416 keywords

We all have a warrior in us. In ancient times, that warrior jumped to action when a tiger came into camp. That warrior protects her children and defends his family. That warrior is represented by the rune Tiwaz, named after the Nordic god of war, Tyr, and is now our common symbol of an arrow. He is known through the ages for his honor, justice, and courage. Uruz is the rune of the ox, most known for its strength and stamina, which give it the ability to overcome virtually any obstacle.

In this reading, however, Uruz is reversed. Nine of the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark, (the set in this reading), can manifest in reverse which results in a different, sometimes opposite, meaning. Uruz in reverse can be interpreted externally as dangers or more internally as areas in which we may lack strength.

What we interpret in this meaning as it applies to today, is that it might be time to take on your fears, your personal demons, or your obstacles. Call on your inner warrior to stand up and fight off some of the things that are holding you back. This could be a person, a plan, a lack of motivation or some nagging obligations that you have not yet conquered.

It is time to stand in your power and take charge. Let your warrior lead the way and have faith in your own strength.


Alistair & Forest

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